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"Intrigue" was a game-changer with so many twists and turns that, in the end, I almost didn't realize Emily Thorne hadn't taken down a new victim.

First... Lydia's alive?!?  When she fell off that balcony, things took a turn Emily didn't see coming. The revelation that she's in a coma, similarly, was a surprise I didn't foresee. So the cab broke her fall? Ouch! But it's such a great complication for down the road. What will happen when Lydia wakes up? How much will remember?

Declan in the Dark

Is Tyler completely off his rocker? We all knew Tyler wasn't quite right, but after this episode I believe we can safely call that an understatement. Emily pegged what we all suspected, that Tyler didn't have the money he claimed, yet somehow the slippery little weasel continued to get away with his farce.

Ummm, did Tyler make a move on Daniel when he put him to bed or did I misread that? For a moment it certainly appeared that he wanted to be more than just Daniel's best friend and when Daniel rejected him... that's when things got scary. Just how twisted is Tyler? I assume we haven't seen the last of his craziness, although I'm still trying to figure out his end game. Overall? I simply can't wait to see Emily take him down.

Jack made his move. I was a little surprised Jack put it all out there the way he did, especially with Emily dating Daniel. But I suppose he felt if he didn't make his move now it might be too late. Unfortunately, Emily's game includes bedding Daniel and she's determined to ignore her heart and follow her plan.

His honest plea to her was heartbreaking to watch. Who hasn't put themselves out there only to get crushed? It's a moment you wish you could forget but never do and it brought Emily to tears.

Nolan bailed. Frank scared the crap out of Nolan, which sent the mogul running to Emily to tell her he's out. I was so disappointed. Nolan was so ballsy when Frank was threatening him. Who else could make double rainbow jokes while being roughed up by a possible murderer?

Of course, the big problem here was that now Frank knows there's a connection back to Emily and he won't stop digging until he finds it.

On other fronts: how much of an idiot was Conrad? Frank has been his fixer for years. He knows all of the Grayson's secrets. Together they framed a man for a terrorist plot and watched him die in prison but I guess knowing the man would murder your mistress because he lusts after your wife was a little too much for Conrad. (What a great sentence, huh? I love Revenge!)

Still, it's a huge risk to turn on him. Conrad should have been smart enough to keep his enemies close because firing Frank will definitely come back to bite him.

Over at the Stowaway, Declan did a lot of stupid things and one smart one. Being honest with Charlotte probably got him closer to her than any fancy dinner ever could.

Back to Emily, I had one question: Why keep the picture that links her to her past? I thought she should have burned it. Of course, if anyone finds that box, her game is over, with or without the photo. I hope she's got that thing locked up.

So will Frank figure out her plot for revenge and use it to get back into Victoria's good graces? Did Emily's lack of a successful victim this week disappoint? Or was there enough intrigue to keep you wanting more?

Intrigue Review

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