Revenge Round Table: "Betrayal"

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The residents of the Hamptons continued to be haunted by their past on Wednesday's new episode of Revenge, as Emily Thorne set her sights on yet another person responsible for her family's demise.

What was the best scene from "Betrayal?" What does our Round Table panel make of Tyler? Christine Orlando, Leigh Raines and Dan Forcella are happy to answer those questions and others below...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Christine: Loved Victoria's eye roll when Emily asked if she could call her by her first name. I know it was just a little thing but it showed the thinly veiled feelings between these two women despite all the civility.

Leigh: For a show that's about scheming, plotting and the awesome conniving ways of Emily Thorne, I'm going to go off base and pick a sweet moment. When Emily returned the dog, yet again, to Jack at the boat and noticed the boat was named Amanda, I felt such a pang of sadness for her. Her eyes filled with tears and it was touching to her, a rare moment of emotion.

Dan: Aww, Leigh that's sweet, but I'm with Christine on this one. The evil but sweet sound in Emily's voice as she asked Victoria if she could call her by her first name was just chilling.

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What are your initial thoughts on Daniel's friend Tyler?
Christine: He's the frat boy friend who is going to try and drag Daniel back to his bad boy ways. Other than that I think he's annoying and useless and I'll be happy when he's gone.

Leigh: I feel like Tyler was somehow brought there on purpose…some way, somehow, maybe through Emily. I'm sure he has a shady background, but not sure if it's related to Emily's whole revenge plot. I do know Ashley's interested!

Dan: I just don't think it was a very memorable introduction. If you bring in a new character that is seemingly going to making a multiple episode arc, you have to do him more justice than Tyler got here. It was just a bit boring for my taste.

Did you think Declan's email was going to be the sex tape? And will it ever get released?
Christine: Yes, and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't. The sunset video was so much smarter. Now when the sex tape comes out and she's devastated, she'll be more willing to run to Declan, the guy who makes her smile.

Leigh: I did think the email was going to be the sex tape. However, when I saw what he really sent I thought it was such a classy move. Adam is a douche and the tape will eventually come out, but Declan didn't need to stoop to that level just to get the girl.

Dan: The ladies said it all. It’s a studly move by Declan, which makes it no surprise that he ends up with the girl by Emily's engagement party.

Does it just makes sense that all of the people involved in screwing Emily's father have all of these skeletons? Or is it a little too perfect?
Christine: I think powerful people have skeletons.  A senator in a sex scandal isn't a stretch. Lydia was a bored housewife having an affair. Bill was just a greedy bastard. Emily is simply using their own weaknesses against them and it's so much fun to watch. Who knew Revenge could be so entertaining?

Leigh: I think that yes it is perfect, but also this is a crew of high profile people who were involved in the takedown of an innocent man. There's no way they're squeaky clean to begin with. To get involved in something like that they'd have to have skeletons. Plus everyone has some dirt if you dig hard enough.

Dan: Yeah, the fact that these are the people that were involved with the dirty act of taking down Emily's dad makes it much more reasonable that they have issues of their own. Still, it's a bit too perfect that every single one of them has something Emily can take advantage of. It all makes for entertaining television though!

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