Supernatural Round Table: "Shut Up, Dr. Phil"

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Supernatural staged a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion last week, but did the appearances by Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters make up for a subpar episode?

That is just one of many topics debated by Round Table panelists Carissa Pavlica, Kate Moon and Sean McKenna. Pull up a figurative chair and join them below for an in-depth discussion of "Shut Up, Dr. Phil."


What did you think of James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter’s Buffy reunion?
Carissa: I loved it. I thought there was potential for them to become recurring characters because they obviously know a thing or two about the Leviathan.

Kate: I thought it was awesome! As a diehard, long-time Buffy fan, I was totally psyched to see Spike and Cordy reunited! Of course both are great actors, but I thought there was an element of familiarity and chemistry between the two that might have come from working with each other. I can never get enough of Spike... even without his hair.

Sean: I enjoyed both of them. They were certainly able to shine in each scene and show just how powerful and dangerous witches can be.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite moment?
Carissa: Any moment where Cordelia and Spike shared screen time. Errr... what were their names???

Kate: It was pretty funny to try and see Dean and Sam play psychiatrists to the dysfunctional witch couple. Although they did a pretty bang-up job! Heck, if the Winchesters don't know what dysfunctional means then no one does right? Cordy and Spike going at it with magic is a pretty close second as well.

Sean: I loved the therapy session. It was hard not to laugh at each of Sam and Dean’s points followed by the Stark’s reactions. Who knew the brothers had it in them? Now if only they could take their own advice...

Does Dean have a drinking problem?
Carissa: Who WOULDN'T have a drinking problem at this point if they were living like a Winchester? I don't even fight external demons and you could ask this of me!

Kate: Like Sean mentioned in the review, I'm not sure what makes it an issue now. Both brothers have a brew now and then and it doesn't seem like a huge problem. Plus with all they've been through, I'm surprised they don't have a drug addition. I think Dean's keeping it together pretty well.

Sean: I guess he’s had a few more to drink here and there, but it’s never struck me as a problem. Maybe when there is a Hangover episode, I’ll believe Sam. For now, it’s just Dean being Dean.

What are Sam and Dean going to do with the captured Leviathan?
Carissa: I have no idea. Something tells me that the slimy bugger won't be "captured" for long, so they'll just end up killing it. 

Kate: I have no clue! Obviously they'll try to get some answers out of him but I don't know if they'll be able to contain him. It'll be interesting to see for sure. I am liking the Leviathan arc as a nice contrast to monsters-of-the-week.

Sean: Ask it where Castiel is! Ok, probably not, but I’m sure they’re going to get some information out of him/it/thing. Something is bound to go wrong though, isn’t it?

Do you think the Starks will return or were they a one and done?
Carissa: With Cass gone, we need new recurring characters to fight the big bad. Cass was good with God, the Starks seem familiar with the Leviathan. My vote is yes. Whether the show listens will be something else. It seems telling that although they swept through a large body count during the episode, they remained unharmed in the end. 

Kate: It seems like a one-off deal but I wouldn't mind in the least if they do! Don's surprising return to save the boys from the Leviathan and his wife shows that the two have some pretty formidable powers. Maybe they could even be an ally against the Leviathan?

Sean: I think it would be fun to try out a new ally for the Winchesters, especially one who managed to subdue the Leviathan. Plus, the actors breathe that extra life into their characters that make them entertaining. If they do return, there’s no way the Stark’s will just help out for free. There’s always a catch.

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