Two and a Half Men Review: Greetings, Conan the Humanitarian

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Judy Greer must have set some kind of record on the most recent episode of Two and a Half Men.  

The actress has now played Aunt Myra, Bridget and Dani. At least last night's appearance was intentional and the audience was in on the joke. Plus, she gets bonus points for bringing along the beautiful Kiki, the bimbo resonsible for uttering the episode title, "The Squat and Hover."

Alan and Walden

Greer wasn't the only guest star who returned: as Jane Lynch reprised her role as one of my favorite supporting characters, Dr. Freeman. While Ashton Kutcher's phoned-in acting and failure to play off this comedic legend hurt this scene's potential to compete with Lynch's past appearances, it still had some great lines and laughs.

Also guest starring? True Blood's hunky Joe Manganiello. He stopped by to give Ashton Kutcher a run for his masculine money, making men everywhere feel inadequate. Of course, his character wasn't just good looking, he was Conan the Humanitarian. 

Speaking of which, with wit like that, writers are definitely tweaking Walden Schmidt. So many of his moronic tendencies seem to be slowly disappearing and they're finally giving him the witty lines other characters have been spewing for years. Now, if we could just get rid of the obligatory nude scene that Jake, Alan and the audience are all painfully subjected to each week.

Another positive for Walden / Kutcher? (That's right.  Two in one review.) The budding friendship between Walden and Alan is finally starting to feel like it's working. Just continue to tweak Walden and keep playing off the nine years of flamboyance Cryer has put into the character with classic gay jokes... and we'll have an actual buddy comedy on our hands!

Overall, it was a decent half hour. The show is becoming much more watchable. Now, cue the pleases for Charlie Sheen to return...

The Squat and Hover Review

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