90210 Review: The Hangover

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Anyone who has ever been to Vegas, or seen the movie The Hangover, knows that it's not the kind of place one can leave with a clean slate.

For the 90210 gang, we saw just how bad the fallout was from their Sin City trip in "A Thousand Words."

Publicly, Teddy got burned the worst, but he certainly wasn't the only one who was upset. The guy probably should've been more careful about letting Silver film something that was so personal to him. Everything becomes messier when political campaigns are involved. 

Teddy in Shock

Teddy wasn't the only victim in the leaked video scandal. He immediately blamed Shane when it wasn't even Shane's idea to get married in the first place. It just goes to show how little trust Teddy has in him. 

The best scene with Teddy was his joy ride with Liam. I thought that was going to end much worse than it did. A hurt ankle and bruised ego are nothing compared to what that could have been.

Then again, with this crowd, you can never be too careful. Silver was clearly too trusting of Marissa, who I keep wanting to call Brandy, by the way. I think it's safe to say that she has learned her lesson. Without Navid around this week, at least we got to see her story from a different angle.

I never thought I would say this... but I actually felt bad for Adrianna. Annie has been crapping all over the one person who was even helping Dixon to begin with. Then again, if I was whoring myself out to a dude twice my age, in order to pay for school and put my brother through rehab, I'd probably be a little pissy, too.

Just where the Hell are Deb and Harry during all of this? I know, I know, they were written out of the show - but they still exist in theory. Way to up and completely peace your kids in favor of your new significant others, guys. What happened to that tight knit mini-van riding Wilson family from Kansas?

I predict Dixon will get the help he needs in rehab and I also predict that Annie will not be able to keep up the paid escort charade for much longer. If her mood swings weren't indication enough that she was starting to crack, she could barely wait two seconds to break down after Patrick left.

Surprisingly there was very little Naomi this week. I suppose some people appreciated the break because this has, let's face it, become The Naomi Show. Raj definitely doesn't hold his tongue when expressing that sentiment! 

What did you all think? Will something happen with Ivy and her teacher in New Guinea? Will Teddy forgive Silver? Will Austin ever return? Sound off in the comments!

A Thousand Words Review

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