Bones Round Table: "The Hot Dog in the Competition"

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Aside from a few minor complaints, our staff members remained pleased with Bones' new direction after last week's episode, "The Hot Dog in the Competition." What about you?

Below, Jeffersonian squintern wannabes and TV Fanatic scribes Steve Marsi, Chandel Charles, Christine Orlando and Carissa Pavlica have gathered for an in-depth Bones Q&A.

Here's what we thought. Weigh in with your own answers after reading!


What was your favorite moment/quote from the episode?

Chandel: When Brennan imitated John Wayne when talking with Finn. I felt like she was making an effort to bond with him in some way, which felt like something we really haven't seen from Brennan before.

Carissa: "Once, I saw her make a foot long wiener disappear." "Is that some kind of euphemism, for prostitutes?"

Christine: Favorite scene was definitely B and B watching the baby's ultrasound at the end. It was very sweet and made up for a lot.

Steve: All of my colleagues made great choices above. To round things out, I'll go with the python emerging from the body cavity. Hilariously disgusting.

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Do you like new squintern Finn?

Chandel: I'm still undecided. He seems like a nice enough guy, but each of the interns has been distinctly different, with decidedly obvious quirks. The only thing I'm getting from this guy is a heavy accent and dramatic past. He's less of a lighthearted character than previous interns seemed to be.

Carissa: Finn is a double edged sword. I really like the character, but his accent is enough to make me climb the walls. I suppose I will be called names now for admitting that, but it's true. I will try to look beyond it and enjoy him for his personality. He is very sweet, smart and had a heck of a rough start in life. 

Christine: I like Finn. He's different and interesting and I enjoy his sordid past. I wonder if his evil stepdad will come back into the picture at some point. I'm even good with the accent but can they ease up on the southern colloquialisms. A little goes a long way.

Steve: Personally I think he's great, and I enjoyed the portrayal of a miscreant youth taken under the Jeffersonian's wing. They were laying it on a little thick with the accent and nonsense expressions, though. We get it, he's southern and backwoodsy. It sort of cheapened his appeal, but I still hope to see him again.

Harder to believe: Hodgins giving Finn a hard time, or anyone - even Brennan - not thinking that the father would want to know the baby's gender?

Chandel: Hard to say. Hodgins giving Finn a hard time was kind of off-putting. I know he's tried to put everyone through a blender since things with Zach went sideways seasons back, but it felt kind of forced as well, which wasn't good. 

Carissa: I sense a sarcastic question when I hear one!! That said, Hodgins was exceptionally harsh. Most likely for the same reason I find Finn a double edged sword.

Christine: Hodgins seemed downright mean at times which was surprising but come on? Brennan has her issues but is she really that dense that she wouldn't think Booth would be over the moon to find out the gender of their child or that it should be a private moment between the two of them. That one really bothered me.

Steve: I expect a little hazing from the King of the Lab, but he seemed like he was getting a bit personal with it. Obviously Finn brought his A-game when it came to the science of things. Why hammer away at his past? As for Brennan, I can't believe that even she would consider that moment insignificant, but it made for some fun exchanges, so ... tie?

What was the best part of Brennan being Booth for a day?

Chandel: Two things: First, Brennan tackling that guy when she thought he was shoving food down her throat. Second, her less-than-subtle references to thinking about sex. She was definitely harping on her own perceived stereotypes about men, which could have probably cited a study on if given the chance.

Carissa: All the sex talk. "And now I want to have intercourse. See? You do, too!" Awesomesauce.

Christine: It always amazes me how patient Booth can be. He had every right to be upset yet he came up with this creative way to try and get his point across, even when she frustrated the hell out of him.

Steve: Immediately and frequently assuming Booth thinks about sex, then expressing it in typical Brennan fashion. Way to stereotype my entire gender, Temperance. Not entirely inaccurately, but still!

Swoon Alert!

How are you liking the B-squared dynamic so far?

Chandel: I really like it because I feel like the honesty is there and that there are still more aspects of their relationship to explore. They aren't always on the same page with one another, but it's interesting to watch Brennan open up in a sense that she is making some sort of effort to connect with people in a way I don't believe we've seen her do much before.

Carissa: I'm happy. It hasn't changed. They are still in the strangest love affair on television. Any affair with Brennan would have to be strange, given her lack of appropriate interpersonal skills. I have no fear they will become boring.

Christine: I enjoyed the season premiere more than this. It felt like Brennan took a step backwards but having them watch the video at the end made up for it. I'm looking forward to seeing the two of them with the actual baby.

Steve: Some people complain that "Robo-Brennan" has gotten stale and predictable and I do see that trend at times. By and large, though, I love them together and think their new circumstances are not only being handled believably, but entertainingly. The show hasn't jumped the shark with the pregnancy. Instead, it opened new doors.

Have you ever done any sort of competitive eating (or drinking)?

Chandel: No, I have not. Unless you include the Twizzler eating contests I have with myself unintentionally. I got into this habit of buying a bag a week, and they always ended up magically gone. Needless to say I stopped buying them after a while, not because I was sick of the taste, but more weary of my waistline!

Carissa: Only if you count playing quarters. However, I don't think that's a technical challenge of the drinking, but more of the bouncing of the coin.

Christine: Only privately, with Oreos. They should really just put the total calorie count on the bag and forget that serving size nonsense because I can't seem to open the package without finishing it.

Steve: I once entered a pizza-eating contest for charity. I also once attempted to drink a gallon of milk in one sitting on a wager. Neither ended well, but at least my parents' tuition money was well spent.

To weigh in on the last week's Bones episode, or how the TV Fanatic staff is such a bunch of sissies when it comes to competitive eating, leave a comment below!

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