Bones Round Table: "The Memories in the Shallow Grave"

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Last Thursday's long-awaited Bones season premiere was one some of us were skeptical about, but "The Memories in the Shallow Grave" largely reaffirmed our faith in the Fox series.

Below, Jeffersonian squintern wannabes and TV Fanatic staff members Steve Marsi, Chandel Charles, Christine Orlando and Carissa Pavlica have gathered for an in-depth Q&A.

Here's what we thought of the episode. Weigh in with your own answers below!


What was your favorite moment/quote from the episode?

Chandel: I have to say I was a big fan of the end with them in bed discussing living arrangements, more specifically their discussion about how they were going to split the cost of the house evenly, it was pretty funny. Booth is adamant about being an equal partner in the relationship in every possible way. I love that about him.

Carissa: The opening scene in the kitchen. The show decided to immediately set the tone for what we can expect with this new dynamic, and they did it in a way that proved our beloved characters aren't going to suffer due to the change and neither will the story. The other part I found amusing was Booth taking photos of Brennan stuck on the floor. Their relationship is going to be awesome.

Christine: Angela's reaction to Brennan having a photo of Booth cooking an omelette was priceless. I couldn't stop laughing.

Steve: I'm with Carissa on this one. After last season's finale, all I could think was, "Is this really going to work?" Within five minutes I got my answer, and it was a resounding yes. There will still be cynics, but like it or not, this is the new normal for Booth and Brennan. From that opening scene in their apartment, it became clear how potentially fun this could be.

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Do you think Brennan is becoming more in tune with her feelings, or is she really just that hormonally driven right now?

Chandel: I think she is starting to get in touch with her feelings from being pregnant and a future mom. She will come to terms with it eventually, as it will be impossible for her to continue claiming overactive hormones at some point. I think this is Hart Hanson's way of making Brennan a more vulnerable human being, and I think it's genius!

Carissa: I think it's a combination of both. People always say having children changes you, it would be difficult for her not actually grow after experiencing all that she has and will as their lives change with their new family.

Christine: Goodness, I hope so. Between Booth and the baby she really needs to be able to connect with other people's feelings more.  

Steve: I think she's genuinely evolving. The baby is just the catalyst for this new, more emotionally available Brennan and it's wonderful to see. That said, my wife was certainly more "in tune with her feelings" during that time in our lives, so hormones like have something to do with that. And my PTSD.

B-squared got by with a little help from their friends. Who was the sidekick MVP in the premiere, Angela or Sweets?

Chandel: Angela, FTW. I really think that home video of her, Hodgins and their little bundle of joy had an impact on Brennan, especially when she made the comment about how Booth and Brennan had both made that baby, and that it was going to expect them both to be there once their little boy or girl was born.

Carissa: I don't think there was a competition. They were both there for their friends and their support was genuine and their friends receptive to what they had to say. I loved when Brennan said she was feeling affectionate toward Angela and blamed the hormones. Angela's response was great - I hope not. We all do!  

Christine: Definitely Angela. Her talk with Brennan and her video of her happy family (God, that kid's adorable!) helped drive home that Brennan isn't alone anymore and never will be again. It's time to take the risk and start making room for other people in her life. 

Steve: My man Sweets is just so annoying with his constant "wanna talk about it???" pestering, but he knows his stuff and Booth could only dodge his questions for so long. He clearly benefited from it in the end. If only we all had a psychiatrist like that badgering us about relationship issues.

Sweets and Booth

Who do you think was right about the living arrangements, Booth or Brennan, and why?

Chandel: I think Booth was clearly the most correct about the living arrangements. I understand why Brennan is hesitant, but after Brennan's fall, I think she finally understood that there were some concrete benefits from living together in a space that they could build their little family in. I think her relationship with Booth is definitely going to bust down those last few walls still hanging out in her life, and I'm excited to see where that journey goes. 

Carissa: They were both right. Booth was right that they need to live as a family, and need a fresh start at a place where they can start their own memories. But Brennan is right that she is more financially secure and they should use her money to buy a house. As much as Booth talks about family, he forgets that it kind of negates the 50/50 rule, when they share everything.

Christine: If they're in a committed relationship and having a baby, they should certainly live together. They both deserve a fresh start and that means getting a new place that they can pick out together. 

Steve: I don't think she was wrong, per se, but Booth is definitely a step ahead in terms of commitment. I like that she came around to the idea of buying a place together, albeit in Brennan fashion.

Brennan scoffed at the $3 million price tag on a house she found online. If you could have "whatever life you want," what would it look like?

Chandel: Cozy three floor home with at least an acre of backyard space, in a nice suburban neighborhood that's not too far from other homes or a city. Clearly I'm married with at least two children and a dog. If I can achieve those family-life goals, then everything else is just a minor detail. I would either be a lawyer or a prominent entertainment personality, possibly a political analyst for a major cable news network or campaign manager for an up-and-coming political candidate for some office. I'm at an interesting point in my life where I can still count everything as a possibility, and I intend to fully parse those options out!

Carissa: I would be a published novelist, living in the Hollywood hills, working on the television series being adapted after my string of hit books. My house would be mid century modern and I'd be near my best friends. The best part of that scenario would be living near my friends, who I miss greatly.

Christine: Have you ever watched Castle? I want Castle's loft in NYC. I want to be able to make that kind of money writing for a living. Now that would be the life.

Steve: Being able to co-run this website, write Bones reviews and discuss them with staff writers like these? Come what may, I've already won at life.

To weigh in on the Bones season premiere, or how the TV Fanatic staff is such a bunch of idealistic dreamers with writing aspirations, leave a comment below!

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