Fringe Episode Teasers: A Look at "Novation"

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Full disclosure: I've seen tonight's episode of Fringe already. As a result, you can - nay, you better! - visit TV Fanatic the nanosecond "Novation" concludes for a detailed review.

As for what fans can expect, read on for a few spoilers/teases/questions...

Peter Reappears
  • Did the shape shifters in the season opener freak you out? There is a lot more to their story!
  • Being on the Fringe team, can skepticism about Peter outlast the truth about his return?
  • Why wouldn't Walter want to be the first to believe Peter is his son?
  • Just how close are Nina and Olivia?
  • What do shape shifters and luxury cars have in common?
  • Whatever happened to the communication between the universes?

These questions and many others will be answered in tonight's fantastic episode of Fringe. Watch it live, and jump over to TV Fanatic for immediate reaction/analysis when it ends!

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Fringe Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Olivia: Walter, he says you're the only one he will speak to.
Walter: Me?
Olivia: Walter, he says his name is Peter Bishop. He says he's your son.

Well, what choice do I have? I've been haunted for weeks with visions of a strange man. And now the man is here, in the flesh, in our midst, and no one will let me examine him or even see him. I'm kept in the dark knowing nothing. How's a man supposed to get some rest with all these uncertainties?