Fringe Round Table: "Wallflower"

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What's up with Nina? Are the people we're watching now worth investing in, or will Peter really return to another time line, one that actually holds our beloved characters?

Join staff writers Carissa Pavlica, Nick McHatton and Sean McKenna below as they ponder the answers to these Wallflower-related questions and hope that it's enough to hold you over until Fringe returns with all new episodes in January!


Is Nina helping or hurting Olivia?
Nick: I've always had suspicions about Nina, especially in Season 1, and I think part of that suspicion the audience might have is being explored in this timeline. At this point I believe she's hurting Olivia, she's keeping a lot of things close to her vest, and helping people usually doesn't mean drugging them in their own apartment.

Sean: Nina is hiding a lot of cards at this point but I have a feeling that if she were helping she wouldn't need all the secrecy. I knew there was no way that she was the simple guardian either.

Carissa: I'm torn. While I've always had concerns about where her loyalties truly lie, if she and William were as close as I believe they have been shown to be, then she has to care about Olivia. Why? Because William was willing to give up his soul to save hers. Surely she understands a bigger picture and knows how important Olivia is, and thus is somehow brutally "protecting" her.

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Did you think it was a good idea for Peter to help Lincoln out with Olivia?
Nick: I loved that Peter was helping Lincoln with Olivia! Peter knows this Olivia isn't his Olivia, and instead of making some awkward, and weird, love triangle Peter's going to take one for the team so to speak, and help a buddy out. If the old timeline begins to reemerge though, well things are just going to get awkward anyways.

Sean: Sure, Peter's an all around great guy and based on his theory that it's not his Olivia, he has nothing to lose. That said, if for some reason she does turn out to be his Olivia and/or the timeline re-corrects or she gets her memories of Peter back, then he's probably going to wish he took back his actions. Love triangle, anyone?

Carissa: I have to agree with Sean. If his theory of an alternate time line in the same universe proves false, he's going to have one heck of a time trying to undo any damage he let's occur by pushing Lincoln toward Olivia. Let's face it, Lincoln is no slouch. He's kinds, handsome and in every other universe in love with one Olivia Dunham.

Are you investing in these people? Do you think we should?
Nick: I'm beginning to. It's very hard to just start over from scratch after pouring three years of emotional investment into the timeline we've all known and love. I think part of the reason why I'm willing to give this a go is Lincoln, and our Peter. They feel like the constants in a sea of changing variables (Peter is literally a constant). Like everything in Fringe, I believe we should be getting something out of them because very rarely are things left out when building these story arcs.

Sean: I was actually wondering about the alternate universe's people. What's going on with Fauxlivia or even Walternate? Does that universe no longer matter anymore? We spent a fair amount of time with that particular set so I have no idea why they've faded to the background. I'm invested in these alternate timeline people but only because I've grown to know their "other" versions and am still of the thought process that they are the one and same from the original timeline. Man, so many timeline's and universes, let's just hope it doesn't become too convoluted for viewers.

Carissa: I'm having a hard time believing Peter's theory that this is an alternate timeline in the same universe. There are so many reasons to believe that we are right where we are supposed to be. Peter was erased from both universes. He didn't travel in time, he was lost. He was literally outside of time. If he was truly gone, then his reemergence should mean he has to rebuild what he had from scratch. Peter's laissez-faire attitude about these people might come back to bit him in the butt.

What is your one desire to see within the first three episodes of the second half of the season?
Nick: Some kind of of hints or reveals about where things are going, what's being built towards. Is this timeline a pit stop? Is the old one going to start breaking through? What role does the other side play? Where does Peter fit into everything? It's time for some reveals Fringe because there's a lot of plot being layered, but not many payoffs yet. Sorry Carissa, I can't do just one desire!

Sean: Giving us some more info on the Peter situation. He's back, but is he? Does he need to go "home?" All of the new shapeshifters and Nina being really sneaky pale in comparison and aren't as compelling or story driving. Let's move his story forward!

Carissa: Nick and Sean summed it up nicely. Where are we? Who are these people? Additionally, where are the alts?? I genuinely miss my friends from the alternate universe and I want more than anything to bring them back to the front burner. My impression that this season would mean more screen time for both sides, and time together was grossly mistaken. I expected and WANT more episodes like "One Night in October," but with Peter in the mix. I am officially asking Santa (or Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman) to make my dreams come true!

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.


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