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No immediate weekly theme to House jumped out on "Perils of Paranoia," but 'll take a stab and say the episode was about breaking out of one's comfort zone.

Let's start with Foreman, just to get him out of the way. Congrats, House writers and producers for giving Foreman a storyline. Granted, it's another one in a series of storylines that don't make women look so great, but so what? He's got more screen time! And a hot skinny former America's Next Top Model runner-up as a girlfriend! 

I'll try to give the show the benefit of the doubt here and say that Foreman is definitely stepping out of his comfort zone to date/sleep with this married woman. And that for Foreman, maybe that's a step in a positive direction. He's not exactly the riskiest of guys, which is how he earned his "Boreman" nickname. 

With a Fake Gun

So if this House was about stepping out of one's comfort zone, perhaps Park might have also been victorious. Throughout the hour, she went to House to discuss the others in her differential clique and if they liked her. Park wants to be respected, and is just that, but is she liked? 

By the end of the episode, she doesn't seem to be swayed either way necessarily, but she does seem to accept her colleagues' treatment, so much so in fact, she flat out asks Chase out right in front of Dr. Adams. Gasp! One of the only times I laughed tonight was when Chase was attempting to weasel his way out of a date with Dr. Park. Turns out Chase's game isn't good enough to get him out of an unwanted date, and I couldn't help but enjoy Dr. Adams' discomfort in being bested by her awkward coworker. 

Not sure if that elevator shot was accidentally made to look like Chase and Adams were Park's parents, but it did.

But where does the patient fit into this? Everyone except for Park assumed he was paranoid. Instead, he had a disease that easily could have been prevented with a vaccine. So not-really-paranoia plus idiot-who-didn't-get-vaccinated equals...? Again, going out on a limb here and saying that this man's wife wanting them to leave their home without protection (arsenal) and the patient coming with her showed us that the patient is leaving what is safe to him. 

Are we supposed to recognize that everyone should leave what's comfortable at times? If so, I can accept that message, even if it was muddied up with some rather bizarre Hilson hijinks this week.

I know that House and Wilson have their own relationship and that everything they put the other through typically has a deeper meaning. And, by the way, Wilson in that net was the other moment that made me laugh aloud. But is there a deeper meaning to House saying he doesn't have a gun, Wilson saying he does, and then pranking each other repeatedly to find/hide said gun? By the time these two had finished torturing one another, Wilson produced a gun that House owned. But it was a prop; it wasn't real. So House isn't "protected?" Or House is actually being smart and not risking owning a real gun on his parole?

Was pulling out the sword at the end of the episode showing us:

  • He misses his father, the former owner of the sword?
  • He misses Cuddy, since the last time we saw this sword was when House used it to destroy that bottle of champagne last season in "Now What?"
  • He is outside of his comfort zone, owning a sword (weapon) that could put him back in jail?
  •  He feels safer with the sword around?
  • None of the above?

Honestly, this was the House fall finale? What are we supposed to be excited to come back to? Park and Chase's awkward date? Foreman's infidelity? House's sword? I sincerely wish the people over at House would have laid out some kind of arc for House at the point. Instead, I feel like I have no idea where he is mentally or physically. 

It was a weak ending to a mediocre eight episodes. Bring back the laughs. Give me some kind of window into House's soul beside him staring indiscriminately at a sword owned by his father. And give Adams and Park personalities I care about. Stop drawing on their opposing looks for substance. 

I'll be back in January. And I'm ready to be impressed. So please try this time, House

Perils of Paranoia Review

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