It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Review: Trap Full of Boobs

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Dennis, Dee, Charlie, Mac and Frank headed out of Paddy's bar and into a closet this week, as "The Gang Gets Trapped" found the group literally trapped in a situation they couldn't get out of.

Having read about an "artifact" (what appeared to be a dollar store imitation of a Ming vase) that some family had stolen, the Gang decided to set things right by stealing it back. Basing their lame plan on a mishmash of Indiana Jones movies, it was a disaster from the get-go.

A Trapped Gang!

Dennis, Dee and Frank were the extraction team, while Charlie and Mac hid in a surveillance van parked outside the house. Taking the Indiana Jones angle a little too far, Mac wore a wide-brimmed fedora hat while chowing down on chips. Charlie just played with the walkie-talkie and wrestled with Mac over the chips.
Mac's major conniption over not wanting to share said snack with Charlie was funny to watch, but given the fact that he also ran off in the middle of the case to order burgers, a total fat man move.

Dennis becoming increasingly unhinged at not being able to abort the home invasion plan had me gasping for air. Considering that Dee's the one usually flipping out, seeing Dennis in histrionics was the best. I thought I'd lose it when Mac threw it in Dennis's face how Dennis had insisted that breaking and entering was a piece of cake for him because he'd be "in and out like a demon's whisper." What?!? Beyond.

And it was perfect that the music was ridiculously Die Hard intense.

Frank, as usual, was cool as a cucumber and simply reveled in being able to destroy anything that came across his path. Charlie didn't know what a diversion was so he just ran directly into the house trying to get away from Mac.

The whole white trash riff was hysterical. Hearing the homeowners talking, the Gang immediately assumed they were done for and would soon be strung up like Leatherface's chainsaw victims. In the end, I was just as surprised to see that the Southern clan the clique had been imagining was a simple Asian family. And with that, our crazy friends simply strode out the door.

An odd little episode with a whole lotta laughs. Stay trapped in Philly a little longer and enjoy these Sunny quotes.

The Gang Gets Trapped Review

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We've broken into somebody's home. And the homeowner is home.


I'm not going to spray anything anywhere! Are you not familiar with how a woman urinates?

Dee [to Dennis]