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As we all sadly know, "Regional Holiday Music" marked the last episode of Community before it goes on an indefinite hiatus. Do you feel the wrath yet, NBC? While the show definitely went out with a bang, it didn't totally blow my socks off.

I think Community is at its absolute best when it's not trying too hard, and I felt that this is where things took a wrong turn tonight. I get wanting to make your potential final episode a show stopper, but I think combined with a Christmas episode, they just went a little too far. But fear not, there was definitely a lot that I liked.

So let's break it down into the moments that were Gleeful and those I felt were almost as off-key as Britta's voice.

King Abed


Obviously Troy and Abed have great rhyming skills. Spanish rap anyone? When they busted into their little fort, rap-video style, just like Annie, I wanted to join them. They had video hos, Troy's T-Pain sounding voice and Abed even brought a little Slim Shady to the scene. Perfection.

Once Abed got Troy on board, they set out to get the other members by pandering to their specific weaknesses. Of course Pierce would fall for a trip down memory lane and the good ol' days. Shirley obviously fell prey to the choir children singing about the lost meaning of Christmas. And Jeff... well, Jeff fell for Annie's boobs. Which is sort of what brings me to my Cons section...

Off Key

Probably the biggest reason we never saw Jeff and Annie's relationship fully come to fruition is the fact that it's a little creepy and he acts like her dad sometimes. Yes, the Santa baby song is one of the sexier Christmas songs around, but Annie played off of it with way too much "baby" in the scenario. At first, I thought haha they're going to have Annie seduce Jeff with the sexy Mrs. Claus costume, but then things just got... creepy.

Britta's conversion to the dark side wasn't shown, but one minute she was the voice of reason and the next she was doing that stupid "me so hungy" dance on stage like a complete caricature. Pick a side, writers! Is our Britta smart? Or a mockery of herself? 

And hello, right after that hilarious conversation with between her and Shirley? Shirley: My problem with the Glee club is that their conveniently secular music neglects the reason for the season, JC. Britta: Penneys? Shirley: Jesus Britta. Britta: Sorry! Jon Cryer? For more gems like this, hit the quotes section.

At the end of the day, the group brilliantly used Britta to Britta the Christmas Pageant and also catch a criminal. Mr. Rad was responsible for the bus accident? Oh boy! Good thing he was only the captain of your magic carpet in your dream, Dean Pelton.

While there were a few moments that upped the ick factor, overall this episode fell on the positive side. And how could it not? Any episode with more than one Troy/Abed singing number is a slam dunk in my book. Besides, that ending scene of the whole gang surprising Abed just warmed my little Grinch heart right up.

Maybe the episode grew on me, or maybe I'm just really upset that the show is going on hiatus. After all Cougar Town has put Abed through, who else can understand like he can? I will miss you all, my little Human Beings. NBC you're getting a lump of coal in your stocking this year! Save Greendale!

Regional Holiday Music Review

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Merry Christmas everyone. The Glee club just became the History club.


Annie: I'll be at the movies with my Bubby.
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Annie: Well one's dead.
Troy: WHAT!