Grimm Exclusive: Bitsie Tulloch on the Future of Juliette

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Here's an interesting Grimm fact: Juliette was not originally a veterinarian.

While this vocation seems ideally suited to someone engaged to a detective investigating unusual creatures, Bitsie Tulloch tells me her character was portrayed as a baker in the initial pilot script. So, what changed?

"I think they realized there's only so much you can do with a baker," the actress said, adding that she actually has a dog and producers were likely inspired by her affection for it.

Can viewers expect to learn more about Juliette as the series goes on? She's been mostly on the sidelines so far, a fact Tulloch says is due to the writers amping up the mystery elements of the drama after early drafts.

"We're shooting episode 13 right now," he said. "And there's a little more of a reveal regarding my character then. The show is taking its time with whether or not Juliette finds out about Nick's issues. Everyone seems to be enjoying how it's been drawn out."

It's safe to assume Juliette will get involved at some point, of course, and it sounds like Tulloch is anxious for that day to come. Just consider her reaction when she first read the Grimm script:

"I thought 'what an effing great idea for a television show,' to go back to the Grimm fairytales' original inception and turn that into a procedural."

Down the line, she adds, viewers can look forward to an episode based around Cinderella and another around Fight Club, the latter of which Tulloch is simply "amazing in scope."

Grimm airs a new episode on NBC tonight. Watch the official preview for it above.

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