Hart of Dixie Midseason Report Card: B-

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Hart of Dixie viewers must wait another few weeks for another new episode of this CW series, but they needn't wait another moment to read through our midseason report card for the Rachel Bilson-based dramedy.

Following evaluations of its network brethren The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle, editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal is now here to assess life in Bluebell halfway through its opening season...

Best Character: Let's start with a surprise, as I hand this award to Brick Breeland. He's one of the few multi-dimensional characters on the show and also one of the few sources of true tension in town. Yes, he's Zoe's nemesis, but we've seen various sides to Brick, from conflicted father; to defensive doctor; to loyal resident; to humorous frenemy. He's actually a believable human being, as opposed to...

Worst Character: Lemon Breeland. She's every southern stereotype come to life. The series has attempted to depict Lemon in a sympathetic light recently, via her runaway mother's storyline, but I'm not sold. She's simply close-minded and mean. I have no idea what either Levon or George sees in her.

Best Episode: "The Crush and the Crossbow." We saw a new, open side to Zoe, as she bonded with George and considered her love life. We also witnessed a turtle race involving one competitor hilariously named Shelly Long.

Worst Episode: "The Dead and the Unsaid." A really weird, lame attempt to honor Halloween, via a supposed ghost and a storyline that didn't come together at all in the end.

Hottest Male Without a Shirt On. Lavon or Wade. 'll let our female readers decide this one.

Hopes for 2012: I adore this cast, but I need more from the characters each member plays. Lemon is too much of a stereotype; George is too nice; almost everyone is one-dimensional and simply fulfilling a predetermined role (Lemon as Zoe's enemy, George as the nice guy she can't have, Wade as the bad boy she sort of wants, etc.). I'm fine with the series focusing less on action and cliffhangers and more on a zany town and its inhabitants, but I'd like to be more invested in those inhabitants as real people and not cliched versions of their archetype.

Overall Grade: B-

Agree? Disagree? Weigh in now with your Hart of Dixie grade for the first half of season one!

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