Justified Spoilers, Teases for Season 3: What's Ahead?

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Mags Bennett may be dead, but her influence will be strongly felt when Justified returns for season three.

Having seen the first four episodes of season three, I can confidently say fans of this FX drama will not be disappointed in what's to come.

The premiere opens almost immediately with an interaction between Raylan and Boyd that reminds us of why these two characters have the most entertaining, complicated fascinating relationship on television. There are then leftover storylines from Mags' suicide and season two in general that set the early stage, leading to the following developments:

  • Boyd ending up in jail.
  • Raylan actually trying to get Boyd sprung from jail.
  • A couple considering a new residence.
  • The return of Dickie, Dewey and a slimer-than-ever Wynn Duffy.
  • Neal McDonough as a "businessman" from Detroit with a literal trick of his sleeve.
  • Mykelti Williamson as a local "businessman" with a connection to Arlo, and barbecue.

As usual on Justified, multiple ongoing characters and plots intersect with the occasional Case of the Week, one of which features Carla Gugino as an agent from Raylan's past. Timothy Olyphant is as captivating as ever, taunting a nemesis at one point by tossing a bullet on his chest and warning: The next one will come faster.

It's great stuff all around. And, for this critic, the next batch of season three episodes cannot come fast enough.

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