Psych Midseason Finale Review: All Grown Up?

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It was like the world got turned upside down on Psych this week.

Just as Shawn looked like he was growing up and taking his relationship with Juliet to the next level, Gus, Lassiter and Henry digressed in age... to the point they engaged in bro-speak. And that was only HALF of what happened on "Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat!"

Jason Priestly on Psych

So much went down in this installment, I barely know where to start. So let's go with the obvious: Jason Priestley!

Many of you know him from the original 90210, but here we got to see him as a loveable conman/thief, Clive, paired with a gorgeous Jennifer Finnigan as his wife, Barbie. A shout-out to Bonnie and Clyde? I'd have to imagine so.

It was so fun to watch Priestley and Finnigan together as a couple. They were lovey-dovey and over-the-top, but I loved it. I don't think the casting department could have made a better match. They look exactly like Shawn and Juliet, plus they are criminals while the latter two are a psychic/cop. It's the little things, people!

As for Tony Hale, way to be the bad guy. We wanted to feel sympathy for you, and you made it so easy, until you shot someone. Then all bets were off. Props to you.

And so at this time I must laud the writing of newcomer Carlos Jacott. I don't know how many episodes you are responsible for thus far, if any, but if this is your first (as I strongly suspect it is) you are off to a flying start. You will no doubt join the incomparable ranks of Franks, Berman, Harthan, Meltreger, Patterson et. al. in no time.

Not only did you manage to write a thoroughly entertaining and quotable episode, you also unraveled several important plot lines in a way that was true to Psych without dropping it on the audience as if to say "Here you go."

With all the technical praises out of the way, we can finally discuss that shocker. Or was can we even refer to it as that?

I don't know about you, but from the moment Shawn started asking Gus to read his mind, I knew something was up. A big something.

That thought was only reinforced when Shawn began having a heart attack about the stuff from the room being stolen. Shawn barely has any possessions in the first place. He's the first person to admit that. And yet now, of all times, he chooses to start flipping out?!? Of course there was an engagement ring somewhere!

What I found particularly intriguing about all of this was how Shawn managed to keep his purchase of the ring off the radar. Clearly Shawn used Gus's credit card to pay for the trip (and with a fake Burton Guster state identification card, no less), which we've seen happen before. But how is it that Shawn was able to acquire enough cash that he could buy a ring such as that?!?!

This says two things: One, that Shawn really is thinking about a future with Juliet, in a very serious way. Two, that Shawn is, in fact, capable of managing finances in an adult manner (a.k.a that he's able to spend his own money on things he that are really important to him).

I continue to find it interesting how Shawn is always attempting to take things to the next level when Juliet isn't even on that level yet. Remember when he asked her in a drugged and drunken stupor to move in? It's like for every moment he is less mature than everyone around him, he magically pops up with these profound moments of maturity.

It's as if he's consciously not ready for the next level, but subconsciously he is. Who knows what will become of Shawn when he finally reconciles those two sides?

We could ask Gus, except he's too busy being a player in the club. And teaching Lassiter and Henry how to be players, too. Or is it Henry really doing the schooling? It's hard to tell.

While Shawn was having a maturity epiphany, Gus's off-the-hook weekend took a surprisingly hilarious turn when he inadvertently invited Lassiter and Henry on his "biddie hunting trip."

If I ever hear the word "hizzy" come out of Lassiter's mouth, or "player" come out of Henry's mouth, again, I don't know what I will do.

Any time these three men get together, it's like they can't help but be bros. I don't know the last time I heard Lassiter refer to Henry as an idiot. You don't do that with a work colleague - at least not when you're as old as they are.

It's a definite indicator of how far these characters have continued to grow in their relationships with one another. I love watching it. I think this has been the best season yet to watch the pairings switch-up and play out.

It's a shame Psych won't be back until early 2012. But in the meantime, we have a ton of material to deal with!

How will Gus react to Shawn's almost-proposal? What impact will it have on Gus's quest for a steady girlfriend of his own? Sound off below!

Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat Review

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