Supernatural Round Table: "Death's Door"

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Supernatural ended 2011 on quite the emotional note, giving Round Table panelists Carissa Pavlica, Kate Moon and Sean McKenna plenty to discuss in this week's edition of the popular feature.

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What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Carissa: Overall, I thought it was beautiful how hard he tried to get back to Sam and Dean to tell them something he knew they needed to know to survive. His own life be damned, in the end it was only their future that concerned him.

Kate: I loved journeying through all of Bobby's memories, bad and good, but I have to hand my favorite scene to watching Dean and Sam deal with Bobby's impending death. Sam was the rational, in-charge brother as Dean looked particularly lost during the episode.  As much as it affects both boys, I feel like Dean is the one who will feel Bobby's death most keenly.

Sean: That final moment where Bobby broke from his coma to write down the numbers for the boys and then with a final smile simply exclaimed “idgits.” This perfectly bittersweet moment stayed true to his character and was an emotional tug not only for Sam and Dean, but myself as well. They really have been a family through everything.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Bobby’s memories?
Carissa: I was surprised, as was he, that his most dreaded memory of his wife was telling her he didn't want to have children and not having to stab her to death later on. And I was absolutely thrilled that he told his father that he adopted and raised two wonderful boys. Because he did raise them, in John's absence. They will feel his loss far more than they felt that of their own father.

Kate: I'm a sucker for frame stories and I loved the way that the writers found a way to give Bobby such a conclusive storyline while he was physically in a coma.  Jumping through his memories and doors was clever and confronting his abusive father and coming to terms with his worst memories, which people never get to do, was a poignant ending for Bobby. I loved that as his memories faded, he got to spend his remaining time cherishing his time with "his boys."

Sean: Each memory was impactful on really showing who Bobby was as a person. From standing up to his abusive father, to having a catch with Dean, to simply sitting with the boys and watching them playfully bicker, it was easy to see that despite his own fears he turned out to be a great man, protector, and father figure.

Do you think Bobby will come back or was it a fitting ending for his character?
Carissa: They aren't subtle. Given the stellar comedic performance Jim Beaver gave last week, and the dramatic material he had to work with this week, it certainly seems they are saying goodbye. Yes, it was fitting, but that doesn't mean I want it. 

Kate: We never actually see Bobby going with the I guess it's possible. But do we really want to see Bobby as a spirit? The episode, as sad as it was, was a great homage to the man that Bobby was. As much as I'd love to see Bobby again, I would want it to be in some other capacity than a ghost.

Sean: Although I wish he wasn’t gone, it was a truly fitting ending for a great character. I would just hope that if he does come back it doesn’t tarnish the great send off he received in this episode. Bobby Singer will truly be missed.

Will Sam and Dean attempt to bring Bobby back or simply let him be, like their other fallen friend, Castiel?
Carissa: I still wonder if they won't attempt to have a Leviathan take over his body. I can't even imagine the grief they will feel at being truly alone in the world. If Bobby chooses to die, then NOBODY is left. They have only each other, and after a rocky period in their own relationship. I'm at a complete loss.

Kate: At this point, I can't imagine what Sam and Dean won't do for Bobby. Will they resort to desperate measures to bring him back? I could see it going somewhere...especially with the numbers that Bobby left them.

Sean: I’d like to think they’d at least try to bring him back, but with both Bobby and Castiel gone, it really does bring about a new dynamic to the show. Like Carissa said, now Sam and Dean are completely on their own, and it will be interesting to see how they handle or don’t handle the new situation.

Is there anything you want Supernatural to try or stories you’d like to see during the second half of the season?
Carissa: My assumption is they will turn to Crowley to assist in fighting the Leviathian. And, I suppose, try to figure out what the HELL those numbers meant that Bobby wrote on Sam's hand. Maybe they'll find themselves stranded on an island, with a hatch, a smoky presence and a polar bear! But this time, the Winchesters will give us actual ANSWERS to what that crap was all about. :-)

Kate: It's hard to believe that we're already halfway through Season 7. I agree with Carissa, more Crowley please!  I think it's only inevitable that Winchesters and Crowley team up to take down the Leviathan. I also want the Leviathans to be further fleshed out as villains if they're to take up the mantle of Big Bads!

Sean: I’d really love another off the wall episode like “The French Connection” or even “Changing Channels.” Yet, I’d really like for us to know what the heck the Leviathan plan is and what makes them more menacing than all the other Big Bads that have shown up (besides the fact that can’t be killed. Allegedly.)

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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