The Closer Review: One Fatal Moment

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I'm not going to lie: When I was young, I used to drink and drive. Luckily, I had a DUI, an accident in which nobody was hurt and it knocked the sense into me that kept me from doing something that I might ruefully regret later.

"Road Block" examined something I have always wondered. In the same position as Mrs. Myers, what would I have done?

Mr. and Mrs. Myers

Flynn was in the right place at the wrong time. When Mrs. Myers was driving on the wrong side of the road, and struck scooter-riding Gracey, Flynn was there as she died.

The montage of her life as she was flying through the air and lying on the pavement was very moving. When Flynn accompanied the parents to the place where Gracie died, he told them everything she said... even that she knew her dad would be upset because he always thought she'd get hurt riding her bike.

That he wasn't afraid to tell them the truth of her last moments was admirable.

Being the wife of the Police Commissioner certainly gave Mrs. Myers some knowledge that was useful to try to dodge her responsibility for the accident. She acted as if she knew exactly what to do to make it look like her car was stolen and she wasn't drunk until after the time of the incident.

Choosing Elizabeth Perkins to play the role gave the character a lot of credibility. She's incredibly talented and has arrogance down to a science.

Finally, Pope had Brenda's back. The Commissioner tossed out a quip that all the lawsuits must make Chief Pope wonder whether she's really worth it. His answer? Not really.

That was enough for Pope to stop the Commissioner and his wife in their tracks, demanding Mrs. Myers explain how her purse was in her hand at the restaurant but suddenly left in her car when it was stolen. They even had the nerve to try to blame a bus boy, and make the assumption he was an illegal immigrant to boot.

I had really mixed feelings about the way the team decided to solve the crime. Using Mrs. Myer's daughter, Kelly, against her was difficult to watch. She felt that what she did to help her mom steer clear of the DUI checkpoint (to save her father's career, not for any love lost for mom) made Gracey's death her fault.

When they showed Kelly's video to her parents, the only thing Mrs. Myers said was "I want an attorney." I have no doubt that Kelly will live a better life with a father in her life than worrying over the police commissioner's wife as if she was her caretaker.

With Pope finding his spine during this terrible case that hit so very close to home, he's off my "leak" list. I'm starting to wonder if maybe the leak will be someone out of left field, who we see from time to time, but never actually meet.

If someone doesn't lock their desk, or he/she leaves notes out in the open and a cleaning person has been paid to dig for answers. Whoever it is, I'm ready to find out so I don't have to question the loyalties of the team during every investigation.

Finally, I still don't know how I would handle a situation like what occurred in "Road Block," even if I was stone cold sober at the time of the accident. I don't think you can ever know, until it's too late.

I just hope I am never faced with the choice, and I wish the same for all of you.

Road Block Review

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