Two and a Half Men Review: Oh, Lay!

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On this week's Two and a Half Men, Jake and Alan were relegated to mere peanut gallery roles, while Walden took the reigns and ran the entire show, courting Zoey in the process like only he can. To wit:

A Mexican Flight

As much as I want to complain that the Sombrero-wearing billionaire has hijacked the sitcom, "What a Lovely Landing Strip" wasn't actually too bad.

Walden finally took advantage of what it is women loved about him besides dashing good looks: his money.  There was that slight feeling of deja vu, err like it happened before, when suddenly I was watching a man I was jealous of.

As he hopped in his private jet, bought Zoey's child's way into school (despite not knowing what the school was or its testing process, he apparently had a connection on the board?) and served some delicious guacamole, there was a semblance of that idol aspect Charlie Sheen brought to the show.

While the first part of the episode never felt very Two and a Half Men-like, the second half accomplish that feat, slowly turning Judy Greer's Bridget (yes, I still feel the need to specify which Judy Greer character) into Walden's very own Rose.

They didn't just make her crazy. Well... they did. I mean, she drove a car through the house. But they literally decided to turn her into Rose as they brought in our beloved Rose to mentor her and sent the two ladies jumping off the balcony together.

I hope with the sudden continuity this season has been enjoying (was this the second Previously On...?), we'll see a little more Rose and crazy Bridget as a pairing. Now those are some talented comedic actresses.

So come along as we circle around Guadalajara and land in London, grab a margarita and browse our favorite Two and Half Men jokes from the episode. Then, complain about the lack of Sheen in the comments.

What a Lovely Landing Strip Review

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