90210 Review: Can You Hear Me Now?

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And... we're back! To the same old drama... the same old problems... and the same dysfunctional 90210.

In "Mama Can You Hear Me?" Annie continued to delve into Liam's new relationship with Vanessa to the point of being a nudge. Why, exactly, did she care so much that Vanessa was into Liam? Let it go, girl. She really should have gone to Carnegie Mellon.

Vanessa confessed all to Liam. After playing the sad, poor girl role, the latter fell for it hook, line and sinker. Blah blah blah. There's something hinky about that girl. We all know it. But after seeing Liam defend Vanessa, I'm officially convinced Liam is a himbo. Nice to look at but nothing between those ears.

Angry Michelle

Naomi decided to play savior with Holly and her mom, Rachel. Frankly, it seemed like a lost cause. "Superstar" Mitchell Nash was hilarious and probably very true-to-life, but, honestly, Rachel needed to take a chill pill. Who would've thought Naomi would be Holly's biggest cheerleader? As always, though, no good deed went unpunished. It got Naomi fired. But (surprise!) Holly and Naomi became fast friends. For now. The way that pendulum swung was dizzying.

And I have to point out that no one can rock an outfit the way Naomi can. Especially a fedora. Dixon and Ivy take note. Hot damn!

Navid figured out that Silver's new boyfriend, Greg, was Adrianna's daughter, Maizy's, new daddy. (Follow all that?) Silver accused him of not being able to move on. Random coincidence? Methinks not. Does anyone else think Greg is about as exciting as a newly-laid turd. Yawn.

Elsewhere, Ivy manipulated new beau, Nick, into being a Hollywood paparazzi instead of a wartime journalist. Are we really supposed to care about this doomed relationship? Snore. And, please, red bow ties should get you automatically shot on the red carpet, never mind the battlefield.

Also, Austin and Dixon bonded over heartbreak. And burned Holly's sorority house to the ground. Good times! And frankly the best part of this boring ass episode.

Seriously, if it hadn't been for the zippy, lightning-fast, one-liners being winged back and forth, this hour would have been better than an Ambien.

So... will Navid stick his nose where it doesn't belong just for the sake of friendship and reveal to Adrianna where her little girl ended up? Will Naomi and Holly become bosom buddies now? Will Vanessa continue to lead Liam by the nose to his eventual doom? Yes, yes and yes. But we'll see what next week brings!

Mama Can You Hear Me? Review

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