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Whether it be Chuck, Morgan, Sarah, or any number of others who have had the intersect inside their brain over the course of these past five years, the individual with it has always shown flashes of brilliance in the field.

Chuck could be described similarly; a series that has shown flashes of brilliance if not an all and all ingenious show.

This fifth and final season, however, has been nothing of the like, as "Chuck Versus the Bullet Train" was another fantastic hour in a long line of purposeful, poignant, funny, action packed, and heartwarming episodes.

Chuck Aboard!

Over the years, Chuck has been sort of hit or miss in writing for Jeff and Lester.  In giving these two characters not only a specific plan of action in the final season, but an important one, they solidified a historically inconsistent pair as an interesting and fun aspect of the final run.

Ever since Awesome convinced Jeff to stop sleeping in his car - way back in "Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips" - these two have been on a journey that for all intents and purposes culminated this week by having them save the day, and finally told the truth about all of the spy stuff going on around them.

Thanks to Jeff's new state of normalcy, he and Lester had been on Chuck and company's tail for a while, but tonight that came to afoot in the most perfect of fashions.  Jeff using the flamethrower to help save the day was only topped by Lester walking around the corner with all of the heavy artillery, biting off more than he can chew of a cigar, and "Oh Canada" playing in the background.

Jeffrey Barnes said it best himself: "In my previous state of impairment, I wouldn't have cared or noticed that Grimes's woman...was just taken at gun point."  Well said Jeff, and well done Jeffster!

Meanwhile, anyone who thought that the main plots would cease to be filled with twists, turns, scares and excitement as Chuck finished up its final season was not only a little silly for thinking so, but also probably extremely shocked at all that went on in "Chuck Versus the Bullet Train."

After using Sarah's new intersect to their benefit in saving Chuck and kicking Quinn out of the speeding train, it then began being the main obstacle as it started to destroy Sarah's brain after 40 flashes in two days.  Combine that with Quinn miraculously hanging on to the outside of the train, climbing his way back in, tranq-ing Sarah, and taking her away with him by detaching the last car of the train, and you have yourself an entertaining hour of television.

Sarah Walker on a Train

We will get back to what the near future holds for Chuck and Sarah and company now that Quinn has transformed her into his own little killing machine when we Move Forward.  For now, maybe we should all behold the flames of destiny and take a look at the Chuck Triple Threat...


Well of course there was everything to do with Jeff and Lester saving the day, which I highlighted earlier, but just before that we got to see Morgan with a giant sniper rifle saying that he's never sniped in his life.

Also, funny Sarah Walker made yet another appearance this week.  First in telling Chuck that she had the intersect..."Surprise," and then when the two of them went nuts over how cool the intersect is.  I loved watching them bond like middle school-ers in that moment.

Finally, Lester hadn't sug-ed (read: put sugar in a gas tank) in...days.


Well the whole episode felt like a giant action movie, thanks to the fact that they were on the bullet train for almost all of it.  For that reason, it made sense that they had different opening credits to fit the theme of the hour, but it still felt like a strange time in the series to make that move.

There were also a bunch of good fight sequences, which you would expect with an intersected Sarah Walker.  First she used her new talents - one of which seemed to be Tekken's Marshall Law Flip Kick - to take out the henchmen on the train.  Then, she flashed on her chopsticks to take out Quinn's gun.  Finally, she flashed again in order to kick Quinn out the window.  Apparently that's her signature move now.


There wasn't much room for heartwarming moments, but Casey managed to fit in some as he did whatever it took to save his daughter.  Also, Chuck and Sarah talked once again about retiring and starting a family.  This time, Chuck even drew a picture with a house, a white picket fence, and a baby.  How cute.

Moving Forward

Unfortunately for Chuck and Sarah, it seems like these two love birds are going to be enemies in the penultimate hour of the series.  If Quinn giving the memory-wiped Sarah an order to kill Chuck Bartowski wasn't enough for you, the title of the next episode is "Chuck Versus Sarah."

Will Team Bartowski be able to get to Sarah in time to help her recover her memories?  Even if they do, will they be able to defeat a Sarah that doesn't remember them?  

With only two hours remaining in the entire series, the stakes are as high as ever.  Yvonne Strahovski teased a couple weeks ago to fans that they would be on the edge of their seats until "the very last minute of the series finale."  So buckle up Chuck fans, we are still in for a wild ride.

What did you all think of "Chuck Versus the Bullet Train?"  What was the funniest moment from the hour?   How are they going to get Sarah out of this trouble?  And how on earth is this all going to end?

Chuck Versus the Bullet Train Review

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Chuck Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

In my previous state of impairment, I wouldn't have cared or noticed that Grimes's woman - forgive me, not PC, Grimes's significant other - was just taken at gun point.


Ellie: Anything different happen on missions?
Morgan: Uhh, I started wearing tight slacks.