Family Guy Review: Blasphemy! Heresy! Sodomy!

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Family Guy returned on a somber note via "Livin' On A Prayer," which delivered as earnest a message as I’ve ever seen on the irreverent show, proving that perhaps some things are sacred.

Lois’s plea to save Stewie's new friend, little Scotty, was not only heartfelt but an appeal to all religious zealot parents everywhere who believe that only the power of prayer can heal their children. In the end, Lois’s earnest entreaty about the power of medicine and God convinced Ben and Hope to let Scotty receive medical help.  

Family Guy Doctor's Visit

Even tackling serious religious issues, Family Guy managed to insert some comical moments, of course. The highlight was definitely Peter dressed as Harry Potter in his attempts to be “sneaky.”

The icing on the cake was their mocking of famous drama-thriller movies and their sneak attacks. Mission Impossible and Ocean’s Eleven will never appear the same again.

As a huge fan of Little House on the Prairie (the books, not the television series), I appreciated the opening credits and the Griffin family’s frolic through the fields. I always love it when they switch up the credits and look forward to their next installment.

While it was lacking in LOL moments, this week’s Family Guy made up for it with a genuine message. What did you think about the sitcom's foray into the serious side? Be sure to check out some of tonight's best Family Guy quotes and sound off now

Livin' On A Prayer Review

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