Grey's Anatomy Canadian Promo: New Lives

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Let's give them new lives.

There are several compelling side plots unfolding at Seattle Grace, but the Canadian promo for this week's Grey's Anatomy focuses solely on the once-in-a-lifetime surgery the surgeons must team up on.

Will the conjoined twins be separated and survive? What will the fallout be if the doctors fail? In a season that's been as emotional as any, there's no telling what tragedy the producers might throw at us.

Take a look below:

For more on "This Magic Moment," check out our photo gallery and ABC's original Grey's Anatomy promo for this week. Sneak preview clips should be released today or early tomorrow in all likelihood.

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Our actions decide what kind of life they will lead.


Say you're in the OR. Repairing a vena cava. When suddenly everything goes to hell. So, you cut this, suture that, and soon that crappy situation is a thing of the past. Too bad you can't meet all of life's challenges with a surgical scalpel. I mean, you could try. But I'm pretty sure that would be considered assault.

Meredith Grey

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