New Girl Exclusive: Dermot Mulroney on Romancing Jess

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Beginning in late March or early April, Dermot Mulroney (currently seen in The Grey, soon to be seen in Big Miracle) will premiere as the latest love interest for Zooey Deschanel’s Jess on New Girl.

TV Fanatic spoke to Mulroney last week and he gave us more details about his stint on one of the year’s funniest new hits.

“I just taped the first of my episodes. I finished last night around two in the morning,” Mulroney said, beaming. “I can’t wait to come back and film more!"

What should audience expect from his character?

“I’m, naturally, a slightly older guy. My daughter is one of her students... The romance hasn’t blossomed yet, but you can see that 'do they like each other or not’ is already kicking in. I’ll probably go with it for a little bit and she’ll have some insecurity and then they’ll ship me off somewhere,” Mulroney said with a laugh.

The actor admitted that he really has no idea where the storyline is going, but "that's half the fun."

"He’s divorced and has the kid," Mulroney said. "This situation between Zooey and I is starting to be more complex than it appeared in the episode I taped this week. Even if they tell the most typical sitcom storyline, they do it all in such a unique way. It’s New Girl! I’m thrilled to be there and will do whatever they want me to do. It’s incredible."

Mulroney gives full credit to creators Liz Meriwether and Jake Kasdan - who, he says, shout lines at the actors during shooting - but saved his greatest praise for the show's plucky star.

“The icing on the cake of that whole experience is this chick Zooey Deschanel. She is gangbusters. She’s got so much energy. They work long, long hours. She’s in every scene and she’s so cheerful and talented. She’s so fun to work with.”

New Girl returns tonight with a new episode, as previewed above. Visit TV Fanatic the moment it concludes for a thorough recap, review and updated section of New Girl quotes!

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