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Division, Oversight, the Guardians and Nikita's team finally collided and all the pieces of the puzzle came together in a non-stop thriller of an episode this week. At the end of "Sanctuary," I felt like I had just watched a film. It was that good!

Nikita finally had her team, her family, back together again. Alex returned from Russia to deal with her failure to kill Semak and her mother's betrayal. Birkhoff was back at work, while still recovering from Amanda's torture, and Michael came back into the fold leaving his son in London. This perfect little reunion couldn't last long, though, with their foes still out there.

Sean at Gunpoint

Oversight was getting nervous that Nikita would bring it down, deciding to decimate Division permanently by killing all those involved - Clean Sweep.

And, lastly ... Division. What a disaster! While it would be a shame for those forced to work for them to die, I'm not sure if the country wouldn't be better off if Oversight went through with Clean Sweep. Amanda has been no better than Percy. They both used Division to serve their own interests.

The game was heightened. Amanda was ready to take out Percy. Oversight planned to kill all of Division. Sean went to kill Nikita. And Percy sent the Guardians to take out Oversight! If I didn't know better, I'd have thought we were in War Games and they were all playing Global Thermonuclear War.

I'm just going to say it: I was fooled by Percy's plan. I thought that the Guardians were on their way to rescue him. But that would have been too simple! They were going to free him, but not through a simple retrieval.

In the end, it wasn't Global Thermonuclear War. At least not yet. Instead it was universal blackmail - who will come out on top?

Team Nikita got stronger with the addition of Sean. He has always had doubts about Division and Oversight. With the full story from Nikita and Alex, he was willing to turn on both organizations. Was this his only play though to protect his mother? I think she was his major consideration when making the phone call.

I'm still not sure about him. He cares about Alex, but is that enough? What will happen now? I'm going to speculate...

Amanda is not going to put Percy in a coma. Instead, he is going to be let go by her with Oversight's permission. And, instead of running, he will take control of Division back with Roan by his side.

Amanda is screwed. Or, is she? Who did she call at the end? If she doesn't have help, I fearĀ  the power hungry Percy is going to keep Amanda by his side and make her pay for betraying him.

Oversight is gone. The Guardians will kill most, if not, all of Oversight. Perhaps, Sean's mother will make it out. Percy is in charge now. The only hope being that Amanda has one last play!

Nikita and team will be ready to fight another day. Sean will not join the team, but he will be an asset they can call upon in the future.

What do you think? Share your guesses in the comments. This was by far the best episode of the show and I am beyond excited to find out what happens next!

Odds and Ends

  • Alex is still battling her drug addiction. Will that come back up or was it a moment of weakness?
  • Why did Nikita tell Alex the story about Carla? Will that come up again?
  • Nikita trusted Alex enough to let her back into her life, but she didn't trust her enough to let her know about Max. When will that little secret get out?
  • That heart-to-heart between Percy and Amanda was kinda icky to hear. She had romantic feelings for him? And, he shuts her down by saying she is incapable of love. Ouch!
  • How does Gogol and Semak fit into all of this? Is that who Amanda called?

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