Once Upon a Time Round Table: "7:15 A.M."

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It was 7:15 A.M. in Storybrooke last Sunday. Meaning what, exactly?

Our Once Upon a Time Round panel of author Molly Harper ("Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs"), Jim Garner, Christine Orlando and Nick McHatton are here to discuss that precise question, as they debate the latest episode of this ABC favorite...


Now that Snow no longer remembers who Charming is will that overlap or parallel in to Storybrooke with Mary Margaret at all?
Molly: I think the moment of "forgetting," may have been what allowed Mary Margaret to say, "Screw it" and throw her arms around David, kissing the royal hell out of him. She had to let go of all that guilt and baggage before she could accept love on Storybrooke's twisted terms.

On a sidenote, as much as I love the empowered, Princess-of-Thieves, "I skinned a muppet for this pink fur forest wanderer ensemble" version of Snow White, I'm looking forward to how the forgetfulness will progress the fairytale land storyline.  Blank-canvas Snow White is going to be more approachable, less guarded than the original Snow White. But Charming is going to have to woo her all over again.  And that's going to be interesting- to see how that could change the way the Prince sees/feels about her, and to see if it changes the tone of their love story.

Jim: No, because Storybrooke takes place after Charming and Snow were married and had Emma, would make sense for her to forget again.

Christine: I think that they parallel one another in that they are two love stories starting out all over again both with obstacles to face. Charming will have to make Snow fall in love with him all over again or somehow break the spell. David and Mary Margaret have Kathryn, Regina, and the Storybrooke curse to get past to find their happy ending.

Nick: I can’t help but wonder if Snow’s amnesia of Charming is a way of subtlety mirroring David’s amnesia in Storybrooke. In order for true love to work out, both worlds have to work their way through their respective obstacles towards it.

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

Do you think the feelings David says he has for Kathryn are real or are they part of the curse Regina has put over the town?
Molly: They would have to be part of the curse, wouldn't they?  Caused by Mr. Gold's windmill whammy in the pawn shop?  It seems like the characters' feelings in Storybrooke reflect what they felt in fairytale land.  He had no feelings for Abbigail except pity and contempt.

Jim: Absolutely part of the curse. And as Rumple pointed out, love is powerful magic and their love is over-riding Regina's spell.

Christine: Definitely part of the curse. Charming felt nothing for Abigail so whatever "memories" David has of being married to Kathryn are simply meant to keep him and Mary Margaret apart.

Nick: You can add my name to the definitely by curse list. Charming only went with Abigail because he was forced too, and that’s been carried over to Storybrooke as well. His feelings have been forced with Abigail by Regina.

What did you think of Once's version of Snow's Dwarves?
Molly: I want more children's stories to feature ninja dwarves named Stealthy.

Jim: Stealthy Smurf... errr dwarf? Really Molly?!? Okay, minus that I really like grumpy and his advice to Snow. Holding judgement on the rest till we see more of them.

Christine: Grumpy was great but Stealthy obviously needed to be a little more stealthy. So now we're down to seven.

Nick: Grumpy was a riot and had instant chemistry with Snow, but I’m sad to see Stealthy go so quickly.

Any guesses to who this mysterious writer is? Did he write Henry's fairy tale book?
Molly: As soon as I saw the typewriter, I thought, "GRIMM!" Either he's an original Grimm brother or a descendant of the Grimm brothers, and now that Emma has loosened the curse's hold on the town, he can help re-write the Happy Ever Afters that Regina has held out of their reach.

Jim: First thought is that he is a brother Grimm, and I think he may have the ability to change the story. Let's just hope he can write Graham back in.

Christine: I'm at a loss but it would be great if he wrote Henry's book.  Somebody had to, right?  It would be fun to see he and Emma rewrite the ending but I doubt it will be that easy.

Nick: It’s hard to say, but I have to believe he is some kind fairy tale person otherwise he wouldn’t be able to go to Storybrooke, right? I like the idea of him writing Henry’s book, but that kind of reveal seems a little early for the show.

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