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Person of Interest continues to evoke similarities to show creator Jonathan Nolan's other little piece of work, some movie known as The Dark Knight.

So often can I picture Reese wearing a Batman costume while punching, kicking, speaking in husky tones and being his own detective. It's even enjoyable when he swoops in from out of nowhere to save the day.

And it's easy to see that vigilante justice against corrupt business, government, police and criminals of all walks of life is something to root for when the good people are stuck behind miles of rules and red tape.

Carter and Reese

What gives Reese and Finch the right to take matters into their own hands? Well, you could certainly argue they shouldn't be able to ignore the law etc., but their relatively noble and selfless actions for the greater good don't seem like a bad thing, either, do they?

And I like that while Detective Carter has become clued into the future-predicting situation and has grown into somewhat of a new team member, it's not as if everyone meets up at the bat cave for drinks and laughs after their victory. Reese made it plain and clear that she and Fusco are simply assets.

Now, whether it's a good idea to keep Fusco and Carter in the dark about each other as well seems to mean that sooner or latter the lid will pop off. Finch seems wary of both the idea and of crossing the emotional line of being "just an asset."

Which brings up the fantastic notion that as much as Reese, Finch, Carter, and Fusco all play for pretty much the same side, there isn't a huge amount of trust between them. Fusco, although partially reformed, was a dirty cop. Carter betrayed Reese and got him shot, so what's to stop her from capturing him still? Finch refuses to tell anyone about his personal life and keeps everything with Reese strictly business. And Reese can't help but want to know more about his partner and what makes them follow a Machine's sorted information.

There's potential conflict between the good guys and it separates them from cliched heroes. All of them have flaws and something to lose, but all of them have something to gain in fighting against corruption and evil.

Bringing in Nathan Ingram's son, Will, was a fascinating idea to progress the story about the Machine and Finch. While he isn't Finch's blood, there seemed to be an emotional bond between the two that could either bring out a vulnerabilty to Finch or make Finch do something from which he can't come back. It makes me curious about Finch's future actions, knowing that Will plans to dig deeper into his father's past and the Machine.

Which, at the same time, is on Reese's to do list. He certainly doesn't like being kept out of the loop and I think that this new character of Will intrigues him as well. And now that Fusco has been assigned to trail Finch? There's going to be some cat and mouse play that should prove to be fun if it's not forced or rushed over the next few episodes. Just when everyone thought the team was finally in place too...

As for the case of the week, it involved another form of corruption and gave Reese plenty of time to be super cool and just beat up bad guys. He really is good at that isn't he?

I even appreciated that the accomplice in the child care scheme happened to be a character that seemed perfectly normal and first appeared for only a few minutes. I'm so used to the "bad guy" being someone the main character's have already heavily seen or spoken with that it made for a good surprise. I even completely forgot about him and didn't recognize him when he was revealed.

But why has Reese become so bold in showing his face more often? Wouldn't it be easy just to call everyone all the time? I'm surprised he met up with Carter and even stuck around when she arrested the true criminal. Reese is always so elusive that I hope the fact that he wins so much simply hasn't gone to his head.

"Legacy" proved to be another entertaining episode that effectively weaved in some personal larger story issues and potential plot lines while linking it to the case of the week. Sure, it didn't have the most exciting bad guy, but it did give all the characters something to do while continuing to push the idea of the "good" Machine and sprinkling in some future conflict between our favorite crime saving heroes.

What did you think of the episode? What is Finch hiding? Should Reese be spying on him? Can the two remain on the same team?

Legacy Review

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