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Ever wonder how the shoe fits on the other foot?

Person of Interest took that particular concept to heart when it gave Finch and Reese the chance to trade jobs this week. Finch played the covert run around town and threw an (awkward) punch role, while Reese was confined to his wheelchair, monitoring computers and assisting Finch through his earpiece.

A Super Scene

"Super" essentially picked up right up where last episode ended, even giving a quick recap through different security cameras and audio files of Reese being shot. Of course, Reese didn't die and he was already eager to work on the next number that popped up.

Luckily, Mother Finch told Reese to stay put and, through something of a Rear Window fashion, the two attempted to watch their target and gather clues. I laughed at both Finch and Reese bending their heads while watching the girl do yoga. It's good to know that they aren't as completely cold and steely as they might want to think they are. Maybe they just need the right girl to soften them up.

There was actually a fair amount of humor, mostly from Reese, but also based around their difficulties in their new jobs. Reese holding up his gun and saying he packs light deserved a smile, and so did Reese trying to tell Finch how to fight. There was no one-two punch, just a simple jab to the eyes. It's interesting how much Finch dislikes violence and I wonder if there is a hidden backstory there.

After all, the flashbacks of his former partner/boss indicated that his number came up. Did Finch have something to do with that or was it the shady government trying to control the machine? I'm so used to the government officials being portrayed as bad guys that I wasn't really phased, but was more interested in the relationship between Nathan and Finch.

It almost seems as if Nathan hardly knows anything about the machine. Yet he trusts Finch... who trusts the machine. It kinda makes you wonder what would happen if someone did hack the machine or reprogram it or some glitch caused it to not work properly. I still think that Finch has a lot more information about the machine that he has yet to reveal.

And while I know that each episode the number that the machine spits out isn't specific about the person's relation to the crime, it becomes extremely tedious and unnecessary for Finch to repeatedly explain that it could be either a victim or perpetrator. We know that's the premise, we know they know that's the premise, but do we need to hear it over and over again like we don't know? Maybe lines like that are for the person jumping in on a random episode, but I think even they would still figure it out. It doesn't need to be spoon-fed.

Simply put, the way that Finch allowed Carter to figure out what Reese and Finch do was a nice and basic way of showing without telling. Not only was she highly skeptical, but witnessing it first hand and saving a man's life has clearly given her a new perspective. It will be interesting to see how she handles knowing that Reese and Finch have some way to predict the future and save lives.

Reese still remains my favorite because he carries himself as a bad ass, even on crutches. In fact, I don't think I've ever witnessed a hand-to-hand fight quite like Reese's. Sure he was hurt and pretty much disabled, but he was still able to beat up the bad guy using his crutches to his advantage. I'm sure he was aching to throw a few punches in, too, especially after being cooped up so long. This guy is a fighter and I'm sure will recover in no time.

I wouldn't say that this episode provided the most interesting of cases even with all the twists that were thrown in, but it was a good way to switch things up for our main characters and try something new. It's good to see Carter is being pushed closer to teaming up with Reese and Finch, but I've got a feeling that with all the trust issues still floating around, the band will be bound to break up at some point.

After all, they are trusting everything to a machine.

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