Private Practice Review: Single, Ready to Mingle

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I’ve always loved the drama and medical cases on Private Practice, but also appreciate when the show can take a step away from the office and hospital for a change.

This boys’ night out gave the freshly single Pete and Sam quite an evening to remember. For the latter, he simply couldn’t get Addison off his mind by sunrise. As for the former, things got a bit hot and steamy in the elevator.

I can’t say that I cared too much for the aforementioned scene. Sure, sometimes a breakup calls for some fun, a drink or whatever it is to take your mind off of what’s-his-or-her-name. However, didn’t Sam just end his relationship with Addison? And aren’t Pete and Violet still married?

Stephen Amell on Private Practice

Maybe it’s just the girl in me, but I feel like the term “separation” has always been such a misconstrued topic. I couldn’t help but recall Ross and Rachel’s infamous “we were on a break” dilemma from Friends.

On another note, why the heck wasn’t Sheldon invited to Guys’ Night Out?!

Also, while we’ve all had our fair share of former relationships, it’s probably safe to say that it must suck for Sam and Addison to be neighbors, coworkers and exes. 

Elsewhere: As a huge fan of Charlotte’s, I was disappointed by her choice and means to unethically obtain Erica’s medical records without her approval. This seemed out of character for her. In spite of the circumstances, I just figured her morals and principles would have pushed her to find a different way to determine what was going on with Erica.

While I was digging all of the scenes with Mason and Charlotte, my heart broke for the child. It’s going to be heartbreaking once he finds out about his mom. The great thing is Mason now has both Charlotte and Cooper to help him get through what will probably be the roughest time period of his life.

(Note to self: Keep tissue box nearby when that episode airs.)

Surprise! Surprise! I didn’t take any notes down this week for the Violet Annoyance Scale. It’s beyond too early to say that Violet is growing on me, but she certainly wasn’t bothersome to me at all this time around. Let me know if you thought differently.

I actually felt for her when she broke down in her office after Pete made it clear he was seeing other people. I hated that he asked if it was alright after he had already started doing so. This pushed her to go on a date with the cute paramedic, Scott. Good for Violet for unleashing her inner cougar.

There were two special moments that I enjoyed thoroughly:

  1. The short and sweet scene between Amelia and Addison was much needed. How great was it when Amelia said she was staying sober and Addison said she was proud of her? I’ve got three sisters, and am always a sucker for sisterly moments.
  2. Jake and Addison!

Here were Jake’s perfectly scripted words in case you’ve forgotten: If you want this, we can make this happen. I know that you felt alone in this before, but you don’t need to feel that way anymore because you’ve got me. I will always be there, Addison.

If you weren’t on the Jake and Addison bandwagon before, maybe you should reconsider. Overall, I thought this installment was entertaining and it was nice to finally see Addison laughing again.

What did you think of "The Standing Eight Count?" Tell me you aren't on board with Jaddison? Ake? Okay, also tell me you have a better nickname for these two.

The Standing Eight Count Review

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