Project Runway Review: Sexing Up a Muppet

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Design a dress for - gulp! - Miss Piggy?!? The contestants are all aflutter when they realize that they're "Patterning for Piggy" on their latest challenge of Project Runway.

Everyone from Burberry to Prada have designed for the famous Muppet and, heck, even my sister dressed as Miss Piggy one year for Halloween. It's kind of cool how excited most of the contestants are about their task. Of course, they better live up to their All Star title. No one wants a karate chop on the runway.

Miss Piggy on Project Runway

With $150 in hand, most of the designers are grabbing for the pink fabrics at Mood. The challenge states this should be a flamboyant cocktail dress that Miss Piggy can wear to the opening to her new movie. In other words, she's looking to stand out on the red carpet. As if anyone could overlook the pig.

One of my favorite moments is when Joanna describes how she's seen stars don double Spanx or even cover themselves in Saran wrap to fit into the right dress. I only wish she'd name names.

Everyone is fighting over the Neiman Marcus accessory wall as everything pink disappears quickly. Kara's got to wrench the pink gloves from both Mondo and Austin but she holds her ground.

Each designer has a different direction: flirty, fun, elegant or sexy. Can a pig be sexy? Some will try. When we finally hit the runway, we meet the pig of the hour. She's the guest judge tonight along with Eric Daman, the costume designer for Gossip Girl. He's filling in since Isaac is absent today.

On the Top:

  • Rami: He's got a pretty orange and pink polka dot number. It's very feminine and flirty. Eric calls it hog couture which gets him a nasty look from the pig to his right. Miss Piggy says it looks like a candy store exploded. She loves it. Georgina thinks that considering his client, he's done a great job.
  • Michael: Georgina says his black and dark pink pattern takes it in a more sophisticated direction but did he use the accessories to his advantage?  Piggy thinks it looks like a present from Kermie & she loves it. It's a little shorter and tighter than some of the other outfits. Definitely a sexier look.
  • Kenly: Eric thinks her pink giraffe print with the pouffy hat is cute and whimsical. Miss Piggy wonders if leopards are fierce, what are giraffes?

On the Bottom:

  • Austin: Georigna says it is beautifully constructed by she doesn't like the pink It doesn't read happy and there are too many seams. Eric thinks the bows will accentuate her hips and not in a good way. Miss Piggy thinks it's not right for this movie premiere. It's more Pigs in Space.
  • Mila: Angela doesn't see the black and white retro outfit as flamboyant. Georgina thinks color shows up on camera better than black and white. It just doesn't scream Miss Piggy.
  • Gordana: Angela sees this flouncy pink number as pretty but perhaps too understated. Georgina doesn't think the gloves fit. Piggy says it's "not quite moi." It won't flatter Miss Piggy's curves enough.

After a heated debate we have a winner and it's... Michael. I'm a little surprised. I really thought they'd go with Rami. I'd like to see her in that dress.

And Gordana goes home. It's a bit of a shame although I liked Mila's outfit much better. I didn't like Gordana's dress in the workroom but thought it was much prettier on the runway but the judges, and the pig, have spoken. Until next week, auf wiedersehen.

Patterning for Piggy Review

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