Supernatural Spoilers: How Will Castiel Return?

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Bobby and Castiel will both be heard from again on Supernatural.

In what form, though? That's the question.

Meg vs. Castiel

In a recent, revealing chat with with E! News, star Jared Padalecki teased the return of the sexiest sidekick on television, telling the site Misha Collins wont "come back as Castiel, per se."

"When he and the boys see each other, it's not like, 'Oh, Sam and Dean!' 'Oh, Castiel!' It's amnesia of sorts," Padalecki previews. "He's still got great powers and we seek him out because we have an inkling that something's going on. I think Castiel, like Bobby, they can't come back as the good ol' Castiel and the good ol' Bobby because the audience starts to not take seriously what's going on."

True. Viewers must believe the stakes on Supernatural are real... or what's the point?

Supernatural is off for a couple weeks and returns with a new episode on February 2.

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