Switched at Birth Review: Giving up the Ghost

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Who knew that the silly troublemaker friend could be the one to impart so much wisdom? In "Les Soeurs d'Estrées," Wilkie showed us that he's not just Switched at Birth's resident goofball!

Wilkie was right, it's not fun going after something you're never going to get. Although I think there might be hope for Daphne and Emmett down the road, at the present time it's not happening.

Angela on Switched at Birth

The scene when he took the last motorcycle ride with Bay was very sweet. The fact that seeing her face the night of the billboard was one of the top five moments of his life? Awww, that is achingly cute! 

How much do you all just love Emmett? I was so surprised and happy when he dropped the bomb that he was moving in with his father. The look on Melody's face was worth it. I understand she wants to protect her son, but she is just downright nasty to Bay. Bay has done nothing but try really hard with Melody.

For all of Bay's bratty tendencies, I think she really has grown. That's what makes me so irritated by Melody. Bay is not only her son's boyfriend, but her best friend's biological daughter! I think she forgets that fact. Kathryn also needs to start cutting Bay a little slack. 

Wow. I never thought I'd be on the raven hair wild child's side, but here I am sticking up for her. I do want to note, however, that this doesn't mean I'm against Daphne. I don't believe there needs to be "teams." The girls went through a difficult life experience and they're just trying to make their way through it.

At first, I thought Daphne should've gone on the last motorcycle ride with Emmett, but I'm glad she told Bay to go. They both need to move forward in their new lives and Daphne holding onto Emmett was holding her back. I'm doubly glad that she called Wilkie for a ride. As he not so subtlety stated, can they make out now?

Two people that should hold off on making out? Toby and Simone. Never get with your best friend's ex! Then again, how serious were there? I feel like Toby is smart enough to proceed with caution.

Now, if I had my choicem who I want to kiss in this episode? I'd go with Kathryn and John's hot young new lawyer. After stints on Mad Men and Gossip Girl I welcome him with open arms to the Switched at Birth family. I hope we get to see him "bring the noise" in the courtroom. It sounds like he's the right guy to go up against the hospital.

If this lawyer's as good as he says, perhaps he can dig up the real reason Angelo fell off the map for a few years. I was just not buying his story. But apparently he was buying Regina's! Then again, I do believe Regina was trying to protect her daughter. Could a reconciliation be on the horizon? I think so! 

Overall this episode was pretty good, but not amazing. Do you think Daphne made the right choice finally giving up the ghost of her love for Emmett? Is Emmett making the right decision to move in with his father?

Les Soeurs d'Estrées Review

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