The Simpsons Review: Free Gravy Boat Day!

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Last night The Simpsons stepped up with a very timely (especially by the show's standards) political satire as they went up against the GOP candidates and tea party, all with some stylish gravy boats on their heads, during "Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson."

The episode opened with Homer pulling a Steven Slater and taking advantage of his 15 minutes of with an interview on a 24 hour news network show, "Head Butt with Nash Castor," but not before the show got in some good jabs at TSA and the airline industry right up to the offensive bit about ethnic people being permitted to open their food.

Ted Nugent on The Simpsons

Naturally, Homer soon landed a job as a political pundit for the FOX News-esque network and quickly rose to be the most influential man in the Republican party and able to choose the next candidate with his tears of power.

It's super straight when you cry for loving America. Right, Boehner?

After being given an impressively accurate list of GOP candidates (minus Rick Santorum), Homer picked the most capable candidate he could: Ted Nugent. Hey, as long as he isn't a Mormon.

Homer's interview and rise led to some pretty great jokes at the 24-hour news cycle expense, including my favorite line of the episode: They know I'm doing a character. Like Stephen Colbert or Newt Gingrich.

Unfortunately, once Homer gave his endorsement, much like the political party, the episode fell apart. Nugent voiced a pretty crazy caricature of himself, but one that never quite got me to laugh. No matter how many kids he shot for target practice.

While it was certainly no return to the future or clever book heist that mark the strongest episode of the season, this week was entertaining in the first three quarters of the episode and represented the most topical, current episode I can ever remember.

Looks like the fine folks in post production were able to get to those news tickers, candidate pictures, and whatever voiceovers were needed to keep the references timely, and that definitely saved the episode.

You know where to go to find our favorite politically-charged Simpsons quotes from the episode.

Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson Review

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They know I'm doing a character. Like Stephen Colbert or Newt Gingrich.