Being Human Review: Change Is In The Wind

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"The Ties That Blind" kept up a strong streak of Being Human episodes. While we weren't be blessed with the awesomely wicked Bishop haunting Aidan's mind, we did have a string of other events that kept the story blasting along.

Nora's back!
Hey! Nora narrated an episode. Does that make her a full fledged cast member? Actually, I'd say it might be more of a goodbye. She was really messed up, torn between the purebreds and Josh, being a wolf and a human. Meeting the purebreds at such an early and emotional stage of her genesis into a werewolf didn't frighten her, but instead lead her to feel more alive.

Whether it's a mental or physical reaction is irrelevant. I don't know if Nora and Josh can make it through such a huge chasm as a couple. When Aidan killed Connor, was their fate sealed?

Cool Aidan

Danny Got Lucky in Jail
He got lucky because he didn't have to spend much time there before someone killed him. The bastard even got out of his punishment and went back to haunt Sally. Does that guy get all the breaks or what? While he looked stunning in orange, and learned some groovy moves from the real creeps who souls clung to the prison, the black smoke man, a reaper, turned him to dust in seconds.

The Reaper Is Kind of Hot
What an interesting twist! That was not said with even the least bit of sarcasm. Reapers have taken on many different forms in entertainment, but never have I heard that they come for the dead who won't leave themselves. I really like that. Since Sally passed up her door, she became a person of interest to him. He took Danny without a thought, but he couldn't bring himself to take Sally, even though her remaining in the world after her door was already presented leaves the after world in chaos.

The best part was the reaper was sexy. He's articulate, seemed intelligent and kind and was willing to share knowledge with Sally. What I didn't expect was that when reaped, souls go nowhere. They just disappear like the guy who tried to rape Sally did when Stevie dusted him. I wonder if Stevie was a reaper. Since Sally has to go, I'm also wondering if she might be offered a job herself. She has to do something other than just sit around. Perhaps it pays well!

Aidan Is Up To His Eyeballs in Vampire Politics
Too bad for him it's not the boring kind this week. Hadley, who looks surprisingly like a hamster in the flesh, decided Aidan knew something about Hagerman's murder. While he definitely does, he certainly can't be implicated. Even an idiot should remember that he was busily digging up the immensely disappointing Suren with Mother at his side while Hagerman was shot. Still, Hadley felt the need to toss his power around and forced Aidan into getting them into a situation they almost didn't make it out of.

The purebreds set them up for a hunt. Hadley immediately took off leaving Aidan alone in the woods. He survived, delivered the body of Connor's wolf to Hadley and told him to get out of town. Please, let's not have him ever come back.

This week brought a lot of action, a lot of our roommates sharing scenes and the set up for what seems to be great change going forward. I'm feeling a little misty eyed at the thought of losing Nora so soon after she became so compelling, but I'm not sure that holding out hope makes sense at this point. What are your thoughts? Is she lost for good? Finally, and most importantly, we had another week without Suren. Shall we all rejoice together?

The Ties That Blind Review

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