Being Human Review: A Walk on the Dark Side

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They weren't joking around when they decided to name this Being Human installment "(I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons." There wasn't a lot to love and the story was rather dark.

How fun is it for Sally to have friends?
Sally is like a completely different character this season and it is such a welcome change. She's out and about all the time, rarely feels sorry for herself and is even into helping the living find romantic partners.

Zoe had a ghost group and asked Sally to attend. Nick (the guy who drowned every day when they dated) was a part of the group. I always hoped he would show up again, with a better frame of mind. Just a little surprise this time. Nick was dating Zoe! I don't know if a human can feel a ghost, if they can see them, but apparently she was not interested in giving him up.

The Being Human Trio

Sally's disappointment lead her to inhabit someone's body to feel. We knew it was coming, and after discovering her closest chance at a romance was dating a living girl, I couldn't blame her. But how will it affect her in the long run? The ghosts in her support session needed that group like alcoholics need AA. Sally could be in big trouble.

I know this is a lame thing to fret about, but did women in 1930 have written tattoos on their backs? Would it be so difficult to cover it up for the 1930 scenes? Something else that hit me while they showed the "previously on" scenes was Mother saying the best vampire for the job of running Boston was her daughter. How in the heck could she possibly know that? The world has completely changed in 80 years. I dare say it's barely recognizable. Yet she just woke up and nothing shocked her. Really?

The scenes between she and Aidan were so incredibly boring I could barely stand to watch. There is nothing about her that I find in the least bit alluring. The material Dichen Lachman is given does not highlight her talents, and I feel like I'm watching her on a mission as Sierra from Dollhouse. That is not a good thing.

Aidan still has no blood supply?
Aidan seemed to have sucked Tracy dry, and she offerd up a friend, Darla, to get him by. When he discovered Darla was about 10 years old, he practically threw up what little nourishment he had in his system. I'm ready for everyone to yell at me, so have at it. Are Being Human vamps unable to drink animal blood? That seems to be THE thing to do on other shows where vampires wean themselves from human blood, because it's usually not just live blood they give up. Because he hasn't taken to sucking on squirrels, that must not be an option. Bummer.

Aidan gave up the fight and decided to turn a mob dude, not because of what the fellow could do for them, but because of his incredible desire for blood. Something mixed up with the past and and just enough of the present that, instead of turning him, he and Suren ate him alive. That's two out of three of our family doing anything but being human.

Can Josh and Nora have werebabies?
When Josh helped a sister release her brother from the psych ward, he learned they were born that way. They were actually pretty cool kids. They had some disabilities, like the need for wolfsbane to not constantly be on the edge, but Josh's brain was definitely on fire with what this meant for he and Nora. 

It seems like they will be on the show for more than one episode. They showed interest in helping Josh find a cure. The catch was that they wanted to be the wolf completely and rid themselves of their human form. That came as a complete surprise to Josh. I can't say I saw that coming and I liked the twist.

It probably put the kibosh into Josh's dreams of having a werebaby with Nora, though. Speaking of Nora, she didn't grace our screen even once, and I missed her. After the incredible performance she gave last week, I was ready for more.

This was a pretty serious episode, and I admit I prefer the ones littered with wit and comedy. I had one thumb down on the Suren storyline going into this week and after watching, it's two solid thumbs down. Do you like her addition to the show and where she is leading Aidan? What about the twins? Eating flesh as humans was a bit disconcerting, but par for the course on Being Human.

(I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons Review

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