Being Human Review: To Love Thy Child

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"Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like This" was the single best episode of season two. The performances here, the surprise appearances, the deep, moving story... they all delivered one heck of a ride.

This wasn't a week where we had to watch our characters struggle with their addiction, but rather with their feelings of love and abandonment. As parents and children. Realizing the decisions they make in that regard will affect everything they do and who they are for the remainder of their so-called lives. Lives that, as we know, can be never ending.

The Return of Bishop

Josh and Nora Are In the Eye of The Storm
It didn't take long for the police to put Nora and Will together and to start to question Josh about his possible involvement. How they figured someone was capable of tearing a man to pieces like a giant rabid dog is beside the point. They were going to try. Nora was MIA. I don't know if it was her decision to stay away from Josh or if the purebreds are keeping her from him, but his love for her and his parental instincts at turning her into what she has become kicked in.

Aidan told him about his new woman on the police force who helped make things go away. She did a nice Grace Jones impression and played a hard-ass cop. I wasn't sure how she would suit the role, but she really ran with it. Josh, for reasons unknown, was cleaning out his storage locker with the door open. The Keystone Cops followed him right in and were ready to take him down when Cecilia showed up.

Cecilia compelled them to leave Josh alone, and Josh gave her what she needed to take down the purebreds and clear Nora. Something tells me the purebreds aren't going to go down without a fight, and Nora is going have a thing or two to say to Josh, as well.

Sally Meets Her Mom Again
If Sally meets her mom again, then Sally's mom has died. Sally has waited for one of her parents to go, never imagining it would be this soon, so that she could come to terms with what happened to her, tell them about it, seek relief and forgiveness.

What Sally found out was that her mom, Rena, had been mourning their neighbor next door for years. She walked straight into his arms. She barely gave a thought about Sally, didn't give a hoot about the pain her husband was feeling; she only wanted to be with the man she once loved. Like many of us, Sally thought her parents lived and breathed for her existence. But their lives were their own.

Rena found it easier to be with her lost love than with Sally because she let Sally down in life. It was almost too painful to walk right into death and face the tragedy that had been awaiting her. What could she say? I'm sorry I missed the signs about your abusive fiance and your murder? That would be a hard pill for anyone to swallow, especially for a mother.

I never imagined a family member of Sally's would come around, and I hope it brings some good story going forth. The dinner with everyone was a complete disaster, as are most dinners our friends try to pull off, but I have faith that they can work through this and we'll get to see a real parental relationship between Sally and Rena.

Bishop is Back!
For some reason, I didn't think vampires could come back as ghosts. So let's assume Bishop is a figment of Aidan's imagination because, after all, Mark Pellegrino has become the hidden secret of some of our favorite tortured souls on television. There is no reason he shouldn't be back trying to make Aidan's life Hell. Or was he?

Did you notice during the blood orgy that Aidan was carrying on with Jim Morrison moves? Really, even covered in blood, that was sexy as heck. Then Bishop appeared. From the moment he took form he was whipping one witty comment after another at Aidan. The most important topic? Kill Henry. Kill Henry. Kill Henry. Bishop did everything in his power to get Aidan to do the deed.

It came down to a great vampire battle between Henry and Aidan, one Aidan would have never been ready for had he not been overdosing live for such a prolonged period of time. It was a classic, the fast moves, sliding backwards, wooden stakes switching hands, all of the fun maneuvers you've come to expect in a vampire rumble.

Henry wanted to come out of the shadows, Aidan didn't think it could happen. But when he finally had Henry where he wanted him, stake raised above his heart, he admitted to missing him and wanting to help him. Not the orphans Bishop left behind, but his own child, Henry. He vowed to work something out.

I expected Bishop to be angry, but in practice he was trying to get Aidan to truly feel the love of being a father. To understand what Bishop felt for him. Bishop would have never killed Aidan because to put so much of yourself into something makes you want to protect it. He was never prouder of his own son as he was of Aidan at that moment, but also never more worried. Because much like himself, he knew that leaving the son alive would be a decision Aidan would most likely regret.

Not a hint of Nora, and yet I loved the episode. When the characters are written at their best, with their deepest gut reactions to who and what they are, Being Human is nearly perfect. This was one of those nights. May there be many more like these to come as the season progresses.

Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like This Review

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