Body of Proof Review: Perfectly HIdden

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What first appeared to be a deadly "Home Invasion" turned into a story of dark secrets and hidden pain on this week's Body of Proof.

The Luxe family looked to have the perfect life, but only on the surface. Once the team dug a little deeper, the horrible truth sprung forward piece by piece. 

Megan at Home

Michael Luxe was a bastard but he was so good at it that most of the world never knew. He used intimidation and steel grip control to keep his family silent and scared. His oldest son, Aaron, was the only one with guts to leave and when he did, Michael basically erased him from existence.

How odd was it that friends knew nothing of the eldest child? That his own brother never spoke of him or that the house held no evidence that he'd ever lived there? Unless you count the DNA he left on his mother.

And younger brother Greg seemed so brainwashed that he could barely connect with his brother upon his return. It was all very sad.

I was surprised that Travis was the killer. How often does a good friend go the extra mile to murder an awful family member for you? But Travis had lived through this kind of torture and sacrificed his own future to make sure his friend got a second chance.

Back at the morgue, Curtis was going overboard trying to prove that he could handle the job of chief. As much as I love Curtis, I hope this storyline doesn't last too long. He's more fun working along side Ethan than trying to boss him around.

I did love that he took Kate's role in the practical jokes in stride. The big man put her on notice and perhaps their friendship will grow because of this silliness.

I was also proud of Curtis when he made sure Greg got a lawyer. The kid was on his own and needed someone to look out for him. Nice to see that Curtis knew when it was time to go the extra mile and do the right thing.

Megan's home life was full of drama. Poor Lacy was in the throes of her first serious crush. Tyler was her friend's cute older brother and the lead singer in a band. What else do you need for teenage heartache?

Thank goodness Lacy had her mom there when reality came crashing down. She lamented how stupid she'd been. However, she wasn't stupid, just human - and for once Lacy's story didn't make me cringe.

I rather enjoyed that Megan was taking things slow with her newest love interest. He's handsome, self assured and not easily scared off. He even realized that Megan was the one who was nervous about moving forward. This guy could have potential.

I vote that Megan's new boyfriend stick around for a while. How about you?

Home Invasion Review

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