Body of Proof Review: Slowly Disappearing

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A dead body in a freezer had Megan's team in a deep freeze on Body of Proof this week, as a grieving family struggled to hold on to its past and future.

Robert Picardo guest starred as Henry in "Cold Blooded." Picardo and Dana Delany also starred on China Beach together about 20 years ago and I've been a huge fan of both actors ever since - so I was thrilled to see them team up again here.

One Cold Case

Picardo's performance as Henry, a man suffering from possible Alzheimer's, hit home. I watched my grandfather suffer through this disease. Henry had that same look in his eyes:confusion, sadness, and fear. It's truly heartbreaking to watch and know so little can be done. It's like watching your loved one slowly disappear.

Henry's witness statements were erratic at best.  There were pieces of what had happened wrapped up in memories of the past, which left Megan and Bud to puzzle together the truth.

I really thought Anthony was the killer because he seemed like such an ass. He was just so angry. Annabelle seemed too obvious a choice, but Karen was such a wall flower that I never even thought of her until the end.

I could actually understand Karen's rage. Moving all the way back to Philadelphia to watch her husband work at a job he hated in order to take care of Henry, and then have Joe tell her she'd never really be family? Yeah, I might want to hit him with something heavy too.

Megan's past as a neurosurgeon was highlighted as she worked with Henry's dementia only to find his Alzheimer's was misdiagnosed. Learning that there was a 45-minute procedure that could cure Henry was a miracle.

Although I'm sure these things can happen, it all felt a little trite, especially having witnessed the ravages of this disease in my own family. But this is TV, not real life, and I'll take my happy endings where I can get them.

The side story of the episode was Peter's search for his biological parents. He's had the information for a while now but hasn't pursued it. Finally, with Dani's prodding, he made the leap.

I was surprised by Peter's reaction. He was so upset to find out that his mother was dead and his father had given him up. I suppose that wasn't the story he'd had in his head but what did he expect? His father was a teenager at the time and did the best he could. I would hope that Peter would find some comfort in simply having answers.

Ethan was still snarking at Peter over stealing Dani. I've never been a big fan of Dani and Peter together but Curtis was right. Ethan was being petty and immature. It's time to accept that these two are a couple and move on.

A couple more side notes: did anyone else notice that they seemed to show more detail from this autopsy than they have in previous ones? It was both gross and fascinating at the same time.

Watching everyone examine the body while wearing their winter jackets was amusing... and then I realized that Megan has my red jacket. Or I have hers, depending how you look at it.

Curtis and Ethan were once again the much needed comic relief. Ethan calling their renactment of the crime "cuddle time" and Curtis threatening to create a whole new crime scene was definitely a highlight.

This episode of Body of Proof was one of my favorites from this season. Where does it rank for you?

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