Californication Review: Dude Looks Like a Lady

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After last week's dinner party fiasco, whatever respect Hank managed to keep in the eyes of his family went right out the window by the conclusion of "The Ride-Along."

It remains to be seen what the repercussions of Hank's joy ride with Samurai will be, but he most definitely violated his emotional probation with Becca and Karen after Tyler linked Samurai to the guys who jumped him in the club. It was a shame on a number of levels.

First, it seemed like Tyler really had taken Hank's advice to heart and was warming to his girlfriend's father as he proudly admitted to sabotaging Bates for trying to stand in for Hank. Also by disappointing his girls yet again, Hank's actions brought a rather somber conclusion to what had been a ridiculously comedic scene featuring the return of boozy Bates and his notorious mangina. 

Good Cop, Bad Cop, Bald Cop

All was not lost, though, as Samurai reminded us a final time about Charlie's back seat bro-mance with the transvestite hooker moments before picking up a running Richard, who was doing his best Frank the Tank impression.

The police are going to end up being the least of Hank's worries. Kali and Hank's curb side conversation made it seem like it will only be a matter of time before Samurai learns the truth about their night together. Charlie's anguish was far from over too as he no doubt will be in for a slew of shame boners when his own mangina incident inevitably goes viral. 

It has indeed been hard to tell if Hank has been condescending toward Samurai or, as he claimed, just merely trying to relate. Kali alluded to the darker side of the soon to be A-list raptor, but I fear Hank won't fully understand just how serious a warning that was until it's too late. Regrettably so because the chemistry and banter between writer and rapper this week was the best yet. For example, when Hank accused Sam of wanting Charlie and him as witnesses only because they were white.

Will Hank get a slap on the wrist or worse? I'm eager to find out.  

The Ride-Along Review

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Californication Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Cop: I never pulled my piece out on the job, never, not once.
Hank: Ah, too bad the same can't be said for Runkes.

Samurai: What the fuck you got against Ryan Seacrest man?
Hank: Nothing in particular, the guy just bugs the shit out of me.
Samurai: Why? This mother fucker, he works hard, makes millions of dollars and he got a fuckin' catchphrase which I don't have and you wanna kill him dead? That's some harsh shit Moody.