Fringe Round Table: "Making Angels"

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"Making Angels" showcased the first time the two Astrids met, while also highlighting the new dynamic between the universes.

Below, Staff writers Nick McHatton, Sean McPherson and Carissa Pavlica are joined by emphatic Fringe analyzer Nick Shere to discuss all the little things you have been dying to know about the episode...


Did the Observers verify that Peter was home? Elaborate.
Nick: The great thing about Fringe is we get to speculate in to the wee hours of the morning, and I don't believe the Observers gave a firm confirmation that Peter is "home." September didn't do his job and delete Peter or his attempts to break back in to the timeline back in the beginning of the season. September disobeyed those instructions.

Sean: I'm not sure on that. I know that they verified that he is back, but they didn't say when or where. It would be very interesting if the timeline that Peter thinks isn't his actually is.

Nick S: The trouble with multiverses is that in theory there may be no difference between changing the world and navigating to a world that contains the outcome which would result from that change. So, in principle, Peter could have left home and still arrived in a world that had lots *its* Peter to the machines. In practice, that would be boring TV, so Peter probably is home.

Carissa: I think they did. In bringing up the fact that they allowed him back in, it implied that it was into the same place from which he was erased.

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What did you think about Fauxlivia's interaction with the team on our side?
Nick: Almost frat girl peppy. I think if she stayed any longer she would have cracked open a beer. It was fun to see her so light and energetic.

Sean: She was very chipper and playful. It was nice seeing her work with our side rather than be the enemy.

Nick S: This was the weakest point of the episode, I think. This version of Fauxlivia has lost some of the humanization that she received in the latter half of Season 3, but she doesn't seem to get back any of her villainous gravitas either. So she comes off as annoyingly flippant.

Carissa: I've always been a Fauxlivia fan, and now more than ever. Without the years of festering anger from Walternate on the other side, she doesn't hate everyone. Great Faux/Walter scenes. Very fun!

What one moment of the episode would you have changed?
Nick: I missed Lincoln. I like seeing him every week.

Sean: To be honest, not really anything. I loved having both Astrids together, Peter and Olivia working together, some Observer appearences, and a case of the week that tied into the overall story arc. It was a great episode.

Nick S: This will sound nit-picky, but I'd like the magic glowstick to have been hidden somewhere more interesting than a safe. It seems unrealistic that the FBI wouldn't have turned it up where it was.

Carissa: The only thing I would have done differently was had the Astrids hug at the end.

We have yet to see the Alt-Nina's meet. Do you think it's coming and how might it go down?
Nick: Do we even know if an alternate Nina exists yet?

Sean: I hadn't even thought about that. Is it possible for there to be only one Nina and no alternate version? I've got a feeling that at least one of the Nina's isn't going to survive.

Nick S: Are we even sure that there is an alt-Nina? Unless I'm misremembering, we haven't seen a Nina that wasn't (at least, unambiguously wasn't) "our" Nina. I had assumed that she, like Bell, either didn't have a counterpart or her counterpart never became involved in the Pattern/etc.

Carissa: Blair Brown verified in an interview that we would see an alternate Nina this season, and she was as excited as I am to find out who she might be. I have a feeling it's going to happen soon. Maybe she's a street urchin!

What was your favorite moment of the episode?
Nick: Moment? No thanks Carissa, I'm pulling a September and breaking the rules! I loved a lot of the small, character centric moments like Astrid meeting her alternate self, how much affection Walter does have for Astrid, Olivia acknowledging that Peter's a good partner. Mythology wise learning how the Observers see time, I think helps continue my theory of our old timeline perhaps bleeding through.

Sean: Astrid going home to her father. We haven't seen much involving her besides helping Walter, so to be able to see a glimpse of her life outside of work was a real treat. All in all, I'm glad we finally got an Astrid centric episode!

Nick S: The thing I'm left wondering is how close did the TSA guy get to becoming an Observer? Once he has the stick, is the only real difference that he lacks their ethics manual and club haircut? I'm hoping that we'll get more insight on this if/when we learn more about the backstory of the observers.

Carissa: Walter telling Fauxlivia she may have some positive qualities he might have overlooked. Such a fun scene. I was smiling during the entire episode, really.

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