Fringe Round Table: "Welcome to Westfield"

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Last week's Fringe episode, "Welcome to Westfield," one of those episodes that left your mind reeling by the time it was over, with strange things happening all over the town of Westfield ... and beyond.

Below, staff writers Nick McHatton and Sean McPherson are joined by emphatic Fringe analyzer Nick Shere to discuss all the little things you have been dying to know about the episode:


Favorite quote or scene?

Nick: I loved the ending with Olivia and Peter. I'm hoping my theory of our timeline bleeding through becoming more and more is becoming a reality.

Sean: I loved the final moment where Olivia kissed Peter. For a moment I was thinking that it had to be a dream because there's no way that Olivia would do that. It feels like everything is coming together and maybe Peter never left his timeline after all.

Nick S: Walter in the diner with the homicidal pieman. They did a fantastic job of building from a very light, mundane interaction into a dread-soaked old school horror moment. It was interesting to see Walter gradually come to the conclusion that *he* was in the unfamiliar position of being the sane side of the conversation. And in the background, very quietly, we can hear "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," which really cuts to the heart of this episode, and the season as a whole.

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Was it a coincidence that Olivia's memories came back during the Westfield case? After all, her blood came back normal. What are your thoughts?

Nick: There's still some unknowns to this Olivia. Her headaches from Nina's drugging could have been a precursor to this. We just don't know at this point.

Sean: I like Nick's thoughts on the matter and I feel as if the merging of universes was significant. Is it possible that Walter might at some point experience the same effects? Or is it just focused on Olivia?

Nick S: It's hard to say. It would be interesting to find that, for example, Jones's devices were principally being used to merge Olivia with her other-timeline self, and that the townsfolk being merged with the other side was a side effect. Maybe that has to do with the next "Phase" for Jones and Nina.

Was it theĀ adrenalineĀ from anticipation of rhubarb pie that allowed Walter so easily jump away from the knife when Donnie Two-Irises lunged at him?

Nick: Walter knew something was up when the "crazy" person in the room wasn't him. So I'm sure he had his guard up.

Sean: I think it's because he secretly does yoga every morning to make him so limber.

Nick S: Walter certainly does get excited about food. But I imagine a lot of his adrenaline was coming from anxiety related to the conversation - even in a seemingly minor thing like ordering pie, it is very troubling to find that another, seemingly sane, person is experiencing a different reality from you. That can make a person very wary.

What would you do if you started to remember a life very different and yet quite similar to your own?

Nick: Check myself into an asylum. As much as I would like to believe my life could be like the Fringe division it's highly unlikely that it is.

Sean: Hmm, it's hard to say because but I'd probably think I was crazy. Hearing voices and having new thoughts in my head would not be a fun experience.

Nick S: I've always tended toward the flavor of skepticism that holds all knowledge as tentative, including the testimony of the senses. I would like to think that would give me an edge over most people when it comes to coping with foreign memories. Realistically, though, I'd probably freak the heck out.

Interpret the looks on both Olivia's and Peter's faces in the final scene.

Nick: Peter didn't know what to believe. He's a man that can usually figure people at instantly. So the fact that things aren't that way nor is his plan in action yet. Olivia was just surprised he didn't react the same way.

Sean: Olivia seemed certain and in the moment while Peter had a look of genuine shock and curiosity. I loved that final moment! I'm excited to see what comes next.

Nick S: Olivia's look is totally ingenuous. She seems unaware of what's happened to her. Peter's look, though, expresses something very Fringe: an intersection of yearning and existential dread: This is the thing that I want most, and it is monstrous

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