Gossip Girl Mega-Reveal: Thumbs Up or Down?

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By now, we've all seen Gossip Girl's 100th episode (or read about it by choice), right?

Just in case anyone hasn't, let us issue one giant Gossip Girl spoiler alert right here.

We good? Okay. Now ... how about that last-second reveal?! What did you think?!

Georgina Sighting!

Obviously, Blair’s emotional and romantic life remains a subject of much debate (see photos from next week for a hint at where her journey is headed), but the big story was the reveal of Gossip Girl herself.

The blogger’s identity has been hotly debated and speculated about for years now, but it took the landmark episode for the producers to unmask the person behind all the texts, blasts, and video revelations.

Georgina Sparks.

Yes, the well-known foil of Dan (having his fake baby), Serena (that whole killing thing) and Blair (too many incidents to list) has apparently been the person tormenting them from day one on the UES.

Shocked? Psyched? Disappointed? Still waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Some aren't buying it, even referring to her as “new” Gossip Girl (noting the site's demise after the e-mail hacking scandal), or positing that she's an impostor, a G.G. apprentice or some combination thereof.

On one hand, it makes perfect sense. G has a close enough connection to the action without being a direct part of it - save for her annual shindig - that she could fulfill this role, with the perfect personalty.

Who else takes such delight in taking people down, blending sarcastic snark and humor with almost sociopathic emotional detachment? One can easily imagine Georgina as Gossip Girl, come to think of it.

The logistical problem is that given all she's been though - rehab, Bible camp, Belarus, etc. - how could she pull that off without being unmasked? Or at all? There are potentially a thousand plot holes there.

Of course, that could also be spun the other way. Since the Season 2 finale, Gossip Girl has not been the point of the show until recently. She's been the narrator, sure, but involved directly in fewer scandals.

Like Georgina, she shows up intermittently and stirs the pot, while remaining on the periphery and out of the fray most of the time. Perhaps she could pull off being G.G., with the aid of others or even solo.

We are all Gossip Girl, she once cryptically pointed out.

Michelle Trachtenberg is apparently sticking around this time, so it looks like if nothing else, there's plenty more G.G. to come this spring. Are you buying it, though? Share your comments and vote below:

You tell us: Georgina as Gossip Girl ...

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