Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Princess Dowry"

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Welcome to our weekly Gossip Girl Round Table discussion! Below, our panelists gather to break down Monday night's winter finale episode (see our official Gossip Girl review) in even greater detail.

In a Q&A session below, TVF CEO Eric Hochberger (Gossip Guy) editor Steve Marsi (Mister Meester) and staff writers Courtney Morrison, Christina Tran and Leigh Raines discuss "The Princess Dowry."

Weigh in with your take on the following topics after reading ours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Courtney: Blair: "Oh my god, I was just b!tch slapped by Bridget Jones." The only thing that made it better was the music playing in the background.

Christina: In such a messy episode all thanks to the obnoxious G, I loved the scene with Rufus, Lily and Serena arriving home to find the late CeCe Rhodes' perfectly planned wake. I couldn’t help but snicker as the ghastly look on their faces all screamed WTF.

Leigh: My favorite scene is a weird choice but it was the only one I really connected with: Serena laying in bed at the end talking to Dorota about how everything in her life has sucked lately. I actually felt bad for S in that moment, her storyline sucks, her family is crazy, her best friend is about to bang her first love, apparently she doesn't go to Columbia anymore. Life is blah for the It Girl!

Steve: All the sarcastic cheap shots between Carol and Lily. Now we know where the kids get it.

Eric: "Dan."

2. Dair: Can you believe the writers are actually going there?

Courtney: I guess the writers have been reading the comments section! There are plenty of Dair shippers out there and the relationship does make sense. It has been built up from a friendship and it has been pretty enjoyable to watch. But knowing the Gossip Girl writers, I imagine they won't be going there for too long before something gets in the way.

Christina: Yes and no. I get Dair, and the build up to their relationship made sense. However, I didn’t think they’d go full on Dair so soon. It felt so incredibly rushed. Seriously, wasn’t Blair just professing her undying love for Chuck a week or two ago?!

Leigh: Yes I can believe it. They built it up and they heard their fans so they're finally acting on it. Honestly, I don't really care for Dair as a couple, I think they are better off best friends as they will discover when things TANK in the sack. BUT if Sex and the City taught us anything, it's that you can love more than one person at once for different reasons.

Steve: I can't, but I guess the writers need one thing they aren't half-assing.

Eric: OMG. After three seasons of claiming it'll never be more than a tease, I'm the most shocked closeted Dair shipper ever. Plus, if you couldn't tell from answer one, I got all giddy when Blair showed up at Dan's door.

3. Hotter couple: Dair or Nola?

Courtney: Both are pretty hot. We have seen this intense build up to Dair and Nola pretty much came out of nowhere lighting up our screens. I'm picking Nola, just because it gives us the chance to see more of Nate and less of his clothes.

Christina: Nola. Honestly, to me this question is really only asking who is hotter: Dan or Nate?! And I’d pick Nate over Dan any day.

Leigh: One couple has Nate so basically Nola wins by default. Sorry I'm bored of Blair's fickle drama! Nate and Lola what up!!!!

Steve: Despite Nate's hair and my crush on Lola, Dair FTW hardcore. I'm a convert. He was there for her consistently and their relationship has been believable, enjoyable and natural. They share a terrific rapport, funny dialogue and lot of things in common beyond sexual chemistry, so Nola has a lot of catching up to do.

Eric: Strictly based on looks? Well that's unfair when one couple features Nate and his third blonde sister. Taking into account, well, anything else, and I'm giving it to Dair. I don't care what I accidentally saw the upcoming episode's preview (below). Hottest GG couple ever.

4. Will Serena be the new Gossip Girl?

Courtney: No way! She will check out whats on the laptop and use some of it to benefit her and her family, but there is no way S is getting behind the computer to write about others. She is the one who gets written about!

Christina: Nope! The days of Serena as the damsel in distress are long over, and she’s kind of sort of the voice of reason of this season. Hence, she doesn’t need to be Gossip Girl 3.0. In fact, Gossip Girl needs her.

Leigh:  I'm not sure. She's certainly bored enough. But we all know S likes being the story better than behind the scenes. Remember season 2, "the Serena Also Rises"? You can't keep SVDW down for long.

Steve: I doubt it, but awesome would that be? Depressed, burned out and lacking a viable storyline, Serena decides to turn on everybody and embrace the badness of G.G.? Okay, maybe not.

Eric: Gosh no. She'd learn faster than G it's more fun to be the one they talk about than at home doing the gossip. Right Steve?

5. Biggest plot hole: Estee's annulling of Blair's marriage, Dan leaving his phone on the table, or the front of Georgina's dress?

Courtney: How can you choose? Estee's annulling was pretty lame. Who would believe that a royal minder has that much pull? Dan knows better to leave his phone out in the UES, especially when Georgina is nearby. G has always been pretty over the top, but that dress was out of control. It was a wake, and even Serena was covered up more than that!

Christina: Estee? Who cares?! The front of Georgina’s dress? LOL, but seriously how is that girl anywhere and everywhere all at the same time. If you can’t tell by my responses yet, I thought she was ridiculously annoying. To answer your question, I’m going with Dan leaving his phone on the table. That was just stupidly lame.

Leigh: The whole Estee bit was complete nonsense. None of that was even legally binding. I know Blair is so desperate to get out of that marriage, but she can't possibly be that dumb.

Steve: The annulment and Estee's role involve myriad logistical issues that are literally impossible, but I'm still going with Dan's phone. No one leaves one of those around (next to Georgina no less) for that long without noticing. I once couldn't find mine for 10 minutes and the feeling was akin to having misplaced my first-born. And I still have the iPhone 3, people! The iPhone 3.

Eric: Hah. Hole in G's dress. I see what you did there. But I'm still going with pretty much anything related to Estee or B's dowry / annulment at this point. I honestly re-watched the scene with Estee explaining her plan... multiple times... and still don't get it. Heck, I get nothing about this plot.

6. More shocking reveal: Jack having saved Chuck's life, Ivy getting all Cece's money, or William being Lola's dad?

Courtney: Jack saving Chuck's life. There was a brief phone call and that was all we ever heard about the hottest uncle ever. Ivy did stay by Cece's side; whether she was manipulating her is a different story. She was there when Cece's real family wasn't. If you asked me last week, I never would have guessed William was Lola's dad. Especially since I had briefly forgotten about him. But as soon as he showed up, I could smell the drama brewing and I figured it had to do with Lola.

Christina: ChIvy getting a run for her money. I’m not too concerned with whether or not she spilled the beans about life as a con-artist to CeCe. The real question is: what drugs were CeCe really on to give ChIvy only a bajillion dollars, while forgetting about her real family?!

Leigh: The fact that Cece left her money to "Ivy Dickens" and not Charlotte Rhodes, blew me away. I figured she would leave the money to Charlie and then it would be a debate between Ivy and Lola. Cece chose a stranger to keep her money over her own daughters. Now that part I'm not completely surprised about. Have you met Carol?

Steve: Like Leigh, I assumed "Charlie" would get the estate and a battle royale would ensue over who that meant exactly. Jack's role wasn't too big a shot after Diana's fall finale phone call, and William as Lola's dad started to become clear after the repeated mentions of the fact that no one knew who her father was. Someone did!

Eric: Ivy getting CeCe's money. But only because Chivy spoke the truth for once and actually revealed her true identity to CeCe before dying. Now that was a shocking reveal. And suddenly I'm on team Chivy. Her ridiculous inheritance and the fact she's single might have something to do with it. Call me.

Serena's Dad is Back

7. Did Ivy hasten Cece's death or at least manipulate her will?

Courtney: We do know that Ivy never really had a family and this faux one was the closest she was getting. I'm sure she said what Cece wanted to hear, but I think she genuinely cared about her. Regardless, Cece was no dummy and if she knew all of Ivy's secrets and left her everything anyway, well there is a reason for that!

Christina: Who knows?! After all, this is the UES. If you think about it, we really don’t know much about Ivy at all. Sure, she could have manipulated CeCe’s will, but I wouldn’t put it past her either if she had played a minor role to possibly hastening CeCe’s death. Let’s not forget the sole reason why she signed up for this gig with Carol. Hint: $$$!

Leigh: No, I honestly don't believe that Ivy hastened Cece's death or messed with her in any way. She was hired to be a liar, but I don't think she is that malicious.

Steve: I would honestly have said no in a millisecond before she threw Lily and Rufus out onto the street (or at least the Brooklyn loft that's still probably worth at least $2 million). Banishing Lily to go live with Rufus' old clothes? That's just cold. No matter how sweet she might have been to CeCe, how do you pull that move if you don't have an agenda?

Eric: Look, I've said a lot of bad things about Chivy over the past year of round tables, but accusing her of kevorkianing? And besides, I think one thing remained true of the little schemer: all she ever wanted was a family. CeCe was giving her that. That and like a gagillion dollars.

BONUS: Share your prediction(s) for April and May.

Courtney: Lola decides she wants to be a part of the Rhodes family until the bomb drops that William is her daddy too. Serena and Lily are not going to take that too well. Blair will get out of paying the dowry but will face some issues with Dan. Chuck and Jack will reunite to be the hottest uncle/nephew duo ever. Dorota will have her baby and Ivy will run things for a bit. That is until the Rhodes' find a way to ruin her, probably with the help of Georgina.

Christina: Aside from Dair’s first time being similar to Seth and Summer’s and the return of Uncle Jackass, I’m looking forward to a major throw down between the Rhodes and Ivy, with the Rhodes ultimately sending off ChIvy bags packed and totally empty-handed. Since Chuck needs an actual storyline since Blair loves him but isn’t in love with him again (ugh), Jack will return with Diana and we’ll finally get some answers as to how she really knows Chuck. Then, the UES will continue to live unhappily ever after.

Leigh: Blair and Dan will get it on and it will suck. They will maybe try again but realize they are better off as friends. Chuck will pay Blair's dowry because he feels so guilty and Blair will once again have eyes for Mr. Bass. Makeup sex will ensue. Chuck will track down Jack to thank him for the blood transfusion and we will find out more about the Jack/Diana storyline. Lola will find out William is her father. The Van der Woodsens will fight Ivy for Cece's estate. Lastly, the writers of Gossip Girl will need therapy or at least a few very long spa days after all of the fan backlash and hatred that has been happening this season.

Steve: We'll learn that Louis is Milo's father, and/or Diana is Chuck's mother. Jack will be back but on Chuck's side in some capacity. Dair will not break up as quickly as some people think, despite the bedroom rough patch. Serena will use the contents of G's laptop to ... do something. To be honest I just want to see her get back on her feet after looking so glum.

Eric: Besides the obvious return of Jack and what that means for poor Chuck? Let's see, first they're clearly going to Gossip Girl out of Blair's marriage. By that I mean build up a storyline for a whole season only to drop it in a quick sentence. Like Eric's trip to Zaire. They'll clearly throw a cog in the Dair wheel in the form of mediocre sex (stupid preview!!), but I'm not worried. I'll get Dair for at least those two months. Oh and most importantly, the Rhodes will find a way to take Chivy down and get their money back. Not through the legal court system. That's boring. We're talking UES style.

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