Happy Endings Review: "The St. Valentine's Day Maxssacre"

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I no longer want anything for Valentine's Day, because this week's Happy Endings was the literally the perfect gift. "The St. Valentine's Day Maxssacre" gave us one of the best Brad monologues to date, as well as a long overdue Friends reference to mock all of the comparisons.

The Twitter-verse is abuzz with praise and I saw one comment stating that Damon Wayan's Jr. should submit this episode for a Best Supporting Actor Emmy. Before the installment, the cast was touting his scene at the dentist to Frank Sinatra's "How Lucky Can One Guy Be" as one of the best they've shot to date. It did not disappoint and only got funnier from there.

Stop and Spread Em!

Getting Brad high on too much laughing gas just made him act 10 times funnier. It's just too bad he didn't get to "put on some D'Angelo and whip out his Pee'Angelo." In the end, everyone else's failed V-Day plans helped set into action something we never thought we'd see: Max with a love interest!

Guest star James Wolk made an appearance this week as Max's ex-boyfriend Grant. They broke up on Valentine's day the year before because Max was just negligent about the holiday. Now it appears he has a second chance, and despite admitting to Alex that he doesn't like having emotions, Max is smitten.

I love Alex's obsession with finding facts about holidays. She is often our favorite blonde ditz, but a holiday comes up and she's suddenly smart as a whip. Not smart enough to realize she went out dressed like a prostitute, but that was hilarious. Jane and Alex totally would have a slutty grandma who got hit on by JFK.

Another hilarious fact we learned tonight? Dave's first email address was ThreesomeChaser@PulaskiHillsMiddleSchool.org. Dave is so much more of a perv than we knew. I love it! I also might be as oblivious to the break-up window as he is. Aren't you supposed to break up with somebody before a holiday to avoid giving a gift? Not that I've ever done that, I'm just repeating what I hear!

Screw the break-up window anyway. If some guy can't appreciate Penny's abbrevs, he is not cool in my book. How funny when she said she hasn't been saying "a-mah-zing" that much this season? I love that the writers and actors hear the viewers' feedback and incorporate it into the show. They obviously know a-mah-zing has caught on like wildfire.

Another thing the writers and actors obviously noticed was the numerous comparisons people are making to Friends. Let me just say, I grew up as a huge Friends fan and I understand why these comparisons are made, but I think Happy Endings has a pretty different vibe and edge to it. However, the characters according to Brad were pretty dead on. Respectively: Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Fat Joey (hilarious), Monica, and Chandler are Dave, Alex, Penny, Max, Jane, and Brad.

Hey, it's a formula, we get it. But it clearly works. Look how long Friends ran for. If Happy Endings keeps cracking me up with great lines, I think it has great staying potential. How about you guys? Were you as much in love with this Valentine's episode as I was? Would you give it a high school jock nod? Yo! Hit the comments!

The St. Valentine's Day Maxssacre Review

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