Justified Round Table: "Thick as Mud"

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What a fantastic episode of Justified this week, as "Thick as Mud" featured Raylan at his most sarcastic, Dewey as his most desperate and Psych's Maggie Lawson at her most dastardly.

In the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round table, staff writers Dan Forcella and Jim Garner are joined by Tiffany Vogt of TVAddict.com in recounting the best scenes and most mysterious notes from our latest visit to Harlan...


What was your favorite moment from the episode?
Dan: The best moment had to be the man, the myth, the cowboy himself killing Layla through Lance's body while half-tranquilized. It doesn't get much tougher than that.

Jim: The sit down between Quarles and Boyd. I said it last week that Quarles had less to worry about from Raylan and more to worry about from Boyd. That five-minute meeting hinted that I was right.

Tiffany: Hard not to love watching Raylan blowing Leila away by shooting through Lance's dead body. Very apropos and fun! (Plus, fantastic performance by Lawson playing a villain for a change.)

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Dewey's most entertaining stop: The appliance store? The strip club? Or the convenience store?
Dan: Oh, it's definitely the convenience store. Watching Dewey take shelter in the storage closet, while waiting for the "end times," was truly entertaining. Damon Herriman was seriously engaging playing this character hanging on for dear life. Whether he was ready for death or questioning the number of kidneys he had, Dewey was the star of the show.

Jim: The convenience store. I loved the clerk blessing him as he left and warning him so casually about not cursing. It made enough of an impact that Dewie actually warned Raylan, who proceeded to ignore him of course.

Tiffany: Hey, a strip club was a pretty good idea since it is one of the few places where customers carry large amounts of cash... or it used to be, until they started accepting credit cards. Who knew?!?

Would Quarles and Boyd be better as partners or enemies?
Dan: Both? I would like to see them partner up for a bit, take Kentucky by storm... and then turn on each other in an epic battle for the ages. These two guys making boat loads of cash could be really fun for awhile, though.

Jim: Better a bad peace than a good war. If Quarles and Boyd became partners they would both be rich and most likely boring. Thankfully for us, neither is going to submit to the other. There is a storm of corruption coming to Harland County and it's going to get nasty. Better head to ground now!

Tiffany: Quarles and Boyd could do real damage as business partners, but since neither is really the partnering type, that's not likely to last long. So we're in for a vicious, scheming war that I can't wait to see.

Let's pretend Tim Gutterson has been on vacation during all these episodes he has been absent. Where is he? And what's he doing?
Dan: Timmy G. has been sipping umbrella drinks on a tropical island. Don't let the serious exterior fool you, Tim likes to relax on a white sand beach every once in a while.

Jim: He is out at the gun range practicing how to shoot a suspect while using another suspect as silencer. Nevermind, he could learn that from Raylan, right, Dan? Honestly, I'm surprised he has been gone as long as this. They mentioned him, but we haven't seen him in forever.

Tiffany: Tim must be playing it smart and keeping as far away from Raylan as possible. Raylan is a trouble magnet and Tim wants to live a long healthy life. So I'm thinking he's just staying off the radar and out of trouble's way.

Hypothesize on what was in the note Winona left Raylan.
Dan: "Raylan, I went out to get some milk, eggs and fabric softener at the 24-hour market. Don't wait up.  'll be home shortly. Love, Winona." Not dramatic enough? We shall see who is correct.

Jim: You're right, Dan, not dramatic enough. You should know she would have gotten grits too! Seriously, given Raylan's facial reactions, I'm going with the classic "I love you, but I can't be with you." I really hope Winona isn't gone, their interactions are some of the best.

Tiffany: Totally did not see that coming. Can't believe Winona took the chicken-out route and left a note for Raylan breaking things off. She's probably thinking it's the only way to guarantee a safe, well-adjusted life for her and the baby, but she should know that Raylan will never forgive her for taking away his child and the chance to be a father. A cruel move on her part.

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