Lost Girl Review: Team Dyson?

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Lost Girl's opening scenes seem to be reflective of Bo and Dyson's relationship each week. Last Monday, Bo could barely get out of bed due to depression, yet this week's "Dead Lucky" opens with another steamy - VERY steamy - healing session between the two. Not that I'm complaining.

This conflicted relationship is one of the reasons I enjoy the show; you never know what's going to happen next. Though it may get repetitive if every time Bo gets into trouble, she has to be healed by Dyson. The constant banging at the bar was pretty funny, though, and Trick's reaction, well, oops.

Bo with a Gun

While I'm not for Bo being captured, I'm glad it happened here. A case about a cat that's possessed and wants to kill its owner? Boring! Instead, Bo made a deal with a Dark Fae, Mayer, to find out how a guy, Roger, was able to place a winning bet at the horse track costing him a lot of money. In exchange, Mayer would give Bo access to an Oracle who could tell her about her family.

At first, the case didn't seem all that interesting, but with the Fae nothing is simple. Roger had died before he was at the track. How does a dead guy place a bet? With that, we were introduced to another type of Fae, a Hsien or body jumper. It can jump from dead body to dead body by touch. At least it couldn't jump into a living person's body; that would have created a real mess.

Bo and Kenzi went to an underground poker game to try and find the Hsien. Instead, we found out that Kenzi, a human, has an amazing ability herself. She easily can identify people's tells. While she was playing poker, Bo thought she found the Hsien, but instead she found another Fae, a Hrimthurs or Frozen Giant, that nearly killed her.

Bo and Kenzi are the perfect team. They have fun together and this weird understanding of each other. Thankfully, Kenzi noticed that Bo was in trouble and hit the Hrimthurs in the head. In the end, he was speared through wall art! And, Bo was nearly frozen to death.

How much can Dyson continue to give to Bo? He told her to take whatever she needed, but it left him very weak. Is it possible that Bo could kill him like she has all the humans she's been with? Dyson has a secret, what will it cost him?

In the end, Dyson and Bo tracked down the Hsien through the morgue and forced him to give up who hired him. Unfortunately for Mayer, it was an inside job. Mayer's own family member stole the Hsien's real body, forcing him into Roger's dead body to win the bet. All this to bring Mayer down. Being a Black Fae family, there was no mercy for them.

Mayer kept his side of the deal and Bo met with the Oracle to find out about her family. Only it didn't go as planned. Instead of revealing memories of her childhood, the Oracle was taken over with dangerous thoughts.

Bo's mother was betrayed by the one she loved the most, but she escaped and has been searching and yearning for her daughter. The Oracle then told Bo, "You're a major player. Fate has some serious plans for you." Wow, that is a shocker!

We knew Bo was special from the conversation last week between Trick and Dyson. But what will Bo do with this information? She now knows she has extraordinary powers and, more importantly, her mother is alive. Will she reveal this to Dyson? Will he come clean with her about what he knows?

The case this week was particularly interesting because we were introduced into the Dark Fae world and to several new types of Fae. But that was all overshadowed by the last few minutes with the Oracle. I'm glad that we are quickly being brought into this world and into Bo's story. It's nice to watch a show that doesn't drag secrets out forever. I hope that pacing doesn't change.

Lost Girl has some of the best banter on television! Check out the show's quote page and come back to discuss your favorite moments. Are you Team Dyson? Want a shirt?

Dead Lucky Review

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Lost Girl Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Bo: But, riddle me this: How does a dead guy walk around town placing bets? I mean I've heard gambling's an addiction, but come on.

I just barfed in my mouth. Dude, I can't believe I backed you with Bo. You make me look like a total tool. And, the worst part is you treated her like shit but somehow you're forgiven. That's why I'm no longer on Team Dyson. Peace!