Lost Girl Review: Be Careful Who You Eat!

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A disgusting humongous foot being put into a pot of stew? Eww!

Yes, it was nasty, but it worked. I hadn't been entirely sold on this series, but I've kept watching not just because I review it, but because several of my friends from up north have raved about Lost Girl. In Canada, they are currently airing season two, which will be airing on Syfy here immediately after the end of season one.

I'm especially thrilled after watching "Food for Thought." For the first time, I didn't feel like I was being introduced to the Fae community. Instead, this world just is what it is. Bo and Kenzi belonged there without question and we are familiar with the main players.

Bo Plays Negotiator

Also, for the first time, everyone was on the same side without question in order to save Kenzi's life. This was the start of what I hope is a continuing solid bond between Bo, Kenzi, Dyson, Lauren, and Trick.

A love triangle is in the making between Bo, Dyson and Lauren, even though Dyson said he didn't care if Bo saw other people. Yeah, right. His words may have said he didn't have a problem with it, but his expressions screamed that he cared ... a lot!

Lauren's training with Bo clearly has worked because Bo was able to seduce her fake boss and succubus the guard without killing either of them. That was an amazing accomplishment. I didn't expect that to happen so quickly, but I appreciate that it wasn't dragged out. I fully expect there will be a relapse or accident though to come.

The chemistry between Bo and Dyson has been hot, hot, hot, but wow, if the chemistry between Bo and Lauren isn't equally as steamy

Enough about the romance, let's talk about the human corpse eating Aswang Fae. When Halima got the huge foot out of the refrigerator and put it in the stew, I cringed. But not nearly as much as I did when Kenzi took the cookie and ate it. I wanted to scream at her, "Don't eat it!" I expected that would be the end of her eating escapades, but no ... she went for the stew. YUCK!

Just thinking about it grosses me out. But, my favorite part of the show so far has been the banter and dialogue. It is witty and fun. Kenzi's reaction to eating a dead human foot is a perfect example.

Bo: Are you okay?
Kenzi: I'm fantastic, yeah. Worst-case scenario -- I just ate toxic soup. Best-case scenario -- I am a-a toe-sucking cannibal! | permalink

How great of a reaction is that?!? I love it. Of course, she didn't know she was going to come down with a deadly disease, but still, it's that humor that makes this show unique. Even when she had blood coming out of her eyes, Kenzi maintained her sense of humor.

Even though the Fae medical center wasn't able to find a cure in time to save Halima, there was still time to save Kenzi. It wasn't surprising that Bo, Lauren and Dyson did everything they could to investigate and find a cure for Kenzi. But Trick's involvement was unexpected.

He's been standoffish regarding Bo and had no appreciation for the human, Kenzi. But when her life was on the line, he traded one of his most prized possessions for a Abath horn that would help with Kenzi's bleeding. His motivation wasn't really clear, at least to me, but his actions intrigued me. There is definitely more to Trick than we had seen up to this point.

Kenzi hasn't been always been on Team Dyson, as she has stated in the past, but he was there for her. Their hug at the cemetery was touching. Their back-and-forth is fun to watch, especially because she can see the true Dyson. Kenzi instinctively knows how he feels about Bo, but can also see how he he tries to distance himself from her emotionally. Her death bed request that he watch over Bo, even if it meant staying away from her was heartfelt. She was not only looking out for Bo, but for Dyson as well.

In the end, Bo and Lauren were able to get the antidote to save Kenzi. It came from a unique source, a Basilisk, which is a rare underfae with a toxic skin. Early in the episode, I thought it was too soon in the series for one of the main characters to be in such a life-threatening situation, but this story was handled well. The crisis brought Bo and her new support structure together. Now that this new dynamic has been established, I'm itching to find out what comes next.

Did this episode resonate with you too? Do you just adore Kenzi? Are you on-board with the coming love triangle?

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Food for Thought Review

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