One Tree Hill Round Table: "Last Known Surroundings"

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Well Lucas Scott came and went, and most people are not happy about it.  We reviewed all that went on in "Last Known Surroundings" on Wednesday.

Now it is time for our panel of Miranda Wicker, Brian Shure, and Nick McHatton to discuss the disappointing Lucas return, Nathan's kidnappers, and more in the latest installment of the One Tree Hill Round Table.

Read their answers below, and then add your own in the comments!


What was your favorite thing about the return of Lucas Scott?

Miranda: I think the best thing about the return of Lucas Scott was actually the music track playing as he came walking through the airport and reunited with Haley. The line "bring them all back to life" from the Feist song "Graveyard" was perfectly timed and integrated for what could have been a great reintroduction of an old character but which ultimately fell flat for me. So yes, the music that backed his introduction was my favorite part.

Brian: Got to be honest, there wasn't too much to like. I would go with the fact that he at least made an appearance, except it was so short-lived and lame. I guess his interactions with Jamie? At one point they had a great relationship, which was fun to watch, especially after Nate's accident.

Nick: It was nice to see him make an appearance after so long, and I've always liked his friendship with Haley. This honestly felt like something the two of them would do together, protect her children because she's coming unglued and she doesn't want to do so in front of her children. 

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What did you hate most about the return of Lucas Scott?

Miranda: The worst parts of the return of Lucas Scott were pretty much everything to do with the return of Lucas Scott. They never left the airport. We were force-fed "Oh, Peyton and Sawyer are great" lines, and I felt like Chad Michael Murray phoned in the whole performance without ever really reconnecting with the character he played for so long. And that hair? How horrible.

Brian: Too many to name. So they bring back the main character of a show, who has been off the air for multiple seasons, and they confine him to an airport? Not to mention only seeing Haley and crew, we don't get to see his interactions with Nate, Dan, Brooke, etc. I guess it was a one episode only gig and they couldn't involve him in any storylines permanently, but this was an extremely poor job by the writers in my opinion. And what was up with his hair? 

Nick: "Why are they still in the airport? Shouldn't they be driving somewhere? Interacting with other Tree Hill residents? Getting a haircut?" It felt like a waste for the lead character of this show for six years. I had hoped he would get to mingle a little bit with the rest of the ol' gang. Why even drag him back for this? Haley and Quinn could have just put the kids on a plane and called it a day.

The local cop is involved with Nathan's kidnapping; More interested?  Or another reason to be disappointed?

Miranda: This kidnapping story keeps getting more and more lame by the minute. LAME. The local cop is all "BOOHOO! They won't make me a detective!" so he teams up with Euro Mobsters to kidnap and ransom Nathan Scott? Or is he secretly the inside man for the drug dealers of Tree Hill and that's how he got in on this? I swear it. Lamest.kidnapping.story.ever. 

Brian: I think a lot more needs to be explained on how he is connected to all this, but so far the disgruntled desk cop getting involved with the kidnapping of a local star is pretty unnecessary and over the top in an already outrageous plot.

Nick: I was thinking to myself "oh thank God they're nipping this terrible Euro Mobster storyline in the bud"....and then they make it even cheesier and lame by making the emo desk cop an accomplice. So, another reason to be disappointed.

What are you feelings on them bringing Brooke's attacker back?

Miranda: I'm not impressed, honestly. We're, what, halfway through the final season and now we've got to manufacture more drama for Brooke? Why not have her dealing with Daddy issues and finally standing up to him about all the times he used her as a pawn while she was growing up? Why not have her NOT be in the midst of drama and have her successfully restart her clothing line? There are so many other things they could've done with Brooke instead of this. And somehow, I feel like Xavier is going to be in on the Nathan kidnapping plot because wouldn't that just be convenient? The bad guy finds redemption by helping to foil the kidnappers because he heard some dirt while he was in prison?

Brian: Thought it was a little curious they felt the need to go back to this story that is such an afterthought at this point in the show.

Nick: Is this storyline really necessary? Can't we go back to Brooke kicking ass and taking names against slutty restaurant competitors? Maybe since Dan and Julian are getting buddy buddy Dan will take him out quickly and we can get back to the better stuff.

Most annoying; Lucas only being back for one episode?  Nathan kidnapped by Euro mobsters?  Clay still talking to the shrink?  Or how many times we had to see that awkward Nathan video?

Miranda: If it's not clear from the past several weeks of my Round Table input, this is the LAMEST KIDNAPPING STORY EVER. So yes, the Euro Mobsters take the cake as most annoying for me. I'm actually enjoying Clay talking to the shrink because I'm learning more about him without Quinn around. I think she's the part of that duo I dislike the most. (And? Haley and Lucas were best friends from practically birth, right? How would he NOT remember her sister??)

Brian: Great question. An episode that had so much potential going in, completely bombed. What we are left with is debating the most annoying moment, the writers should be proud. I would say the way Lucas was used was more annoying than the fact that he was only back for one episode. Clay talking to the shrink, at least in this episode, actually is getting somewhere (finally). The Euro mobsters are fairly annoying, but I'm going with the awkward Nathan video. From the first time they showed it, it was extremely obvious that Dan was going to pick up a clue from the background. However, we had to see him watch it countless times before the writers felt it was enough to find that clue.

Nick: All of the above? Nathan's reappearance didn't satisfy his character in any decent way. He's been gone for years, and he doesn't even get to interact with, at the very least, Brooke in addition to Haley. They couldn't have a coffee in what used to be his mother's restaurant? Clay talking to the shrink could have been worse, and the Euro mobsters are comically bad to the point where they're bordering on an SNL skit. As for that Nathan video, I understand the show always wants to show us that Nathan is a great father, but did we have to watch him duck pose that over and over again?

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