Private Practice Round Table: "Andromeda"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Private Practice Round Table!

Our Private Practice review broke down last week's "Andromeda," in detail. Now, TVF staff writers Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica join newcomers Caitlyn Castro and Jarrod Mitchell for a Round Table Q&A.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from this episode?

Jarrod: The elevator moment between Jaddison! Jake to Addison: “You know why I asked how you felt about me? Because I can fall in love with you, Addison. I could buy a house with you. I could make a baby with you in a test tube or however, but I can be with you. But when I go in, I go all in. And I can’t do that while you’re pining after another man. You’re not ready for what I have to offer”. Her simple response: “I can get ready”. Trust me; these two are a reason to watch!

Caitlyn: Tossup between Cooper and Charlotte's reconciliation and Jake and Addison's elevator scene. I just appreciated how Cooper finally acknowledged how great Charlotte has been and reminded her that she's still what's most important to him. And it was great to see them get intimate again. I mean, when was the last time they did that? Then when you look at that Jaddison scene in the elevator - well damn, if you weren't for Team Jaddison before, then I don't know you can't be now. Jake was so great!

Carissa: Addison's reaction to Jake's proposal in the elevator. Swoon.

Christina: I’m with the rest of the gang. CharCoop and Jaddison were the best parts of this episode.

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2. What do you think about Amelia’s surprising pregnancy storyline?

Jarrod: It is quite the shocker at best! I really feel for Amelia. I mean, she’s basically fresh out of rehab, her fiancée’s dead, she feels as though the bond between her and her friends has diminished. I don't know how she can possibly deal with the baby. I foresee her giving Addison the baby, but then again, it’s Ryan’s baby! I really want to see how Shonda will spin this.

Caitlyn: I don't like it. The timing of it just seems so forced and it doesn't feel like it was very well thought of. I mean, congratulations to Caterina for her own pregnancy but I feel like this is another pregnancy that Shondaland should've hid. It doesn't seem like the right direction for the character and I feel like it'll mean too much for the rest of the characters. I totally think we should get to see Addison and Charlotte have a baby before Amelia.

Carissa: I didn't think it was surprising. It fits the soap format perfectly. Baby conceived by accident, under the worst of circumstances, in a drug induced haze and the father has since died. Perfect.

Christina: I definitely agree with Carissa that Amelia’s storyline is written perfectly for a drama like Private Practice, but was kind of shocked it was all coming together so soon.

3. Cooper constantly needs Violet’s help to see things clearly. Will he ever learn on his own?

Jarrod: To be honest, I don’t see how someone as screwed up as Violet has the right to hand out information so freely. Everyone is smart enough to go to Sheldon. I wish Cooper would follow. Violet’s constant analyzing of people’s feelings is redundant. How does Cooper handle it!?

Caitlyn: I hope he does, but I doubt it. Cooper's just that way and to be honest, his and Violet's scene was actually quite refreshing. Their best friend relationship has taken a backseat over time, so it's nice to see it again every now and then.

Carissa: Does anyone? I wish he would listen to Charlotte instead of Violet. She's clearly the most sane of the bunch and yet he still goes to Violet. That's the disappointment.

Christina: It’s doubtful. Like Caitlin said, they’re best friends. It’s just the way it is. It is certainly infuriating sometimes, though, when he can’t figure things out on his own and just go straight to Charlotte instead of always seeking Violet’s opinions or help.

4. Sam’s got a lot on his plate right now with his sister, Corinne. How will he handle news of Jaddison?

Jarrod: This storyline was too forced to begin with, that I’m sure people don’t even care. Jaddison’s progression on the other hand has been done nicely. Besides, Addison is the show. I’m pretty sure people want her to be happy more than they do Sam and Corrine.

Caitlyn: I'm hoping he just looks the other way so that Addison could move forward with Jake without looking back. But who am I kidding? Sam will probably drop one-liners out to judge here and there or Corrine's situation will get worse, and it'll force Addison to keep being hung over him.

Carissa: The whole story is kind of funny. For as much as he pushed back at Addie and didn't want a child, he has a giant one with great emotional needs and no partner. Be careful what you wish for. He has no right to react to Jaddison at all.

Christina: Things are already beyond tense and difficult for Sam. With news of Jaddison, I think it will push him even further over the top and he’ll have trouble dealing with it. No, it’s not his business, but he’s going to ultimately regret missing out on Addison.

5. Nearly every episode of this season has started and ended with Addie in her therapist’s office. Are you enjoying these moments or are they a waste of time?

Jarrod: I’m actually enjoying them. It’s really showing us viewers what Addison really wants. I just wish Shonda were smart enough to include them when the show first began. It’s been enjoyable to get inside of Addison’s head and see her perspective of life.

Caitlyn: I'm enjoying them. I like seeing Addison realizing things about her life and life in general. It's kind of refreshing and more personal as compared to the narration that's done on Grey's.

Carissa: I like them. I was skeptical at first, but Shonda seems to need these scenes to tell her stories.

Christina: They’re okay. At times, I think they are the perfect way to introduce or end an installment. Then, there are times when I think that certain episodes could do without the therapy sessions. I will say that I do think that we’ve gotten to know Addison better than ever thanks to those personal moments.

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