Royal Pains Review: Ties That Bind

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There's only one word to describe this week's Royal Pains: heartbreaking.

After after episode of struggling with Lupus, Jack finally lost his battle with the disease.

Indeed, "Hank and the Deep Blue Sea" will go down as one of Royal Pains' most emotional outings to date, and those emotions were at their height in the final few seconds.

Life is a Beach!

I had always thought HankMed would likely lose its first patient (in Jack) this season, but there was a certain subtlety to it that still managed to have me tearing up. I honestly expected this to occur in the finale. Then again, we would have to wait many months to see the impact, which at that point the event itself would have lost its intensity.

Props to Tom Cavanagh for his outstanding performance throughout his stint on this series. Jack had a sense of genuine humanity as a character that Cavanagh lived inside of and emoted to the fullest extent at every moment.

This was a difficult show to incorporate this arc into, being typically lighthearted, and to nail a serious storyline is now undoubtedly within the capabilities of this cast. Congratulations.

I sincerely thank the writers for taking the time and care that they did with the Lupus storyline. As I have mentioned before, someone very close to me struggles with the disease on a daily basis. She is one of the strongest people I know, and for Jack to be portrayed with such vulnerability and simultaneous dignity was much appreciated.

That said, there was a whole lot of other sides to this week's episode. Let's start with Divya and Evan.

I think this is the friendship we'd almost lost sight of in some sense. Before Paige entered the picture, I have to admit, I was a bit of a Divya and Evan shipper. After a while, I downgraded that to a realization that these two are best friends. And, as Evan put it, they are even family now.

So when we heard Evan trying to sell of some of their stocks, I knew that he was trying to find Divya a way out of her financial obligation to Raj and his parents. That, to me, truly does say that they are close enough to be family. Which is why I also appreciated that Evan tried to sit down with Raj to get to the middle of what was going on between Raj and Divya, clearly mistaking it for something it wasn't... how embarrassing!

Then, there was the return of Boris and Marissa and their baby boy. They weren't much featured much, aside from the appearance of Claudette Von Jurgens-Ratniscz, who came with iPad proof that Dieter had been arrested in Germany.

What does this mean for the so-called family feud? That's yet to be determined. My question is: Can Claudette be trusted?

Given Evan's reaction to the package she wanted delivered, the answer is a resounding NO. But nothing is ever quite as it seems with Boris.

Were you as much of a wreck as I was after the episode ended? What did you think about Hank being bestowed the title of godfather?

Hank and the Deep Blue Sea Review

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